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Huade anti-counterfeiting: identification of authenticity of anti-counterfeiting labels

anti counterfeiting labels are one of the most important ways to identify genuine and fake goods. However, in recent years, more and more anti-counterfeiting labels have been imitated by illegal businesses, which has led to more and more confusion in the product market of genuine businesses, confusion among fish and eyes, and consumers' inability to identify, bringing huge losses to genuine businesses. So how to distinguish true and false anti-counterfeiting labels

lixinliang, general manager of Huade anti-counterfeiting company, pointed out that most of the fake anti-counterfeiting labels in the market can be identified as long as consumers carefully distinguish them. The following are summarized for reference only

first, the anti-counterfeiting label material

the quality of the fake anti-counterfeiting label material is worse than the real anti-counterfeiting label, and the workmanship is relatively rough. If consumers find that the anti-counterfeiting label is rough when buying goods, they can basically judge that it is fake

second, the surface information of the anti-counterfeiting label

the image and text on the surface of the fake anti-counterfeiting label are relatively fuzzy, the handwriting is not clear or the picture color is not enough, It doesn't look fine, so such products can basically be judged as fake. Third, generally speaking, the fake anti-counterfeiting label can't get through, usually 400 or 800. When consumers dial this type, if the prompt number is wrong or they don't prompt the anti-counterfeiting query, they can also judge that the anti-counterfeiting label is fake

fourth, the code on the anti-counterfeiting label polyphenyl board thin plastering external wall insulation system

generally speaking, if the code on the label can be unplugged and queried correctly, the code on the label can be input. Generally speaking, the code is a string of 12 to 18 digits, which is input according to the voice prompt. If it is prompted that the code has been queried many times after input, for example, it is prompted that the code has been queried 10 or 15 times, Basically, the degradation rate of PTMC in vivo and in vitro is very different. It can be concluded that this label is false

fifth, the anti-counterfeiting system on the anti-counterfeiting label

sometimes the anti-counterfeiting on the fake anti-counterfeiting label is authentic even though it is checked. The main reason is that the counterfeiter has his own anti-counterfeiting query system. How to judge? Consumers can directly take a film or text that sells several 100000 yuan per ton of polyfluorous products and send it back to the manufacturer for identification

the above methods are the conventional judgment methods. If some fake anti-counterfeiting labels cannot be identified by more than one method, only find the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting personnel to identify them

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