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The development of coating industry presents five trends

the development of coating industry presents five trends

January 4, 2008

[China coating information] unconsciously, the calendar of 2007 has turned to the last few pages. Looking back on the journey of the coating industry this year, everyone in the coating industry has been struggling and sighing all the way. This year is a very difficult year for the coating industry. The rise in crude oil prices, rising costs, toy recalls, foreign mergers and acquisitions, and major adjustments in enterprise personnel channels have had a long-lasting impact on domestic coating enterprises. However, many people in the paint industry survived. In the face of the difficult market, people have learned a lot of experience through summary, made great efforts and achieved certain results, and are better able to face the twists and turns of the paint industry in the future. Local coating associations and coating media also work together with many coating enterprises to provide suggestions for standardizing the coating industry market and promoting the development of the coating industry. Summarizing the situation of the coating industry this year, we found that the coating industry has experienced several major events this year, which have had a great impact on the coating industry. At the same time, the paint industry shows the following major development trends

this is the first time that China Brand Research Institute published the list of "top 500 Chinese science and technology brands" after formulating the "provincial science and technology brand evaluation measures" in August 2006. According to Zheng Zhanwei, President of China Brand Research Institute, the top 500 Chinese science and technology famous brands are selected from 31 provincial-level science and technology famous brands in the country. The elected enterprises can publicize according to the relevant national policies and regulations, laying the foundation for the future declaration of world famous brands, Chinese iconic brands and other honors

1. With the interaction between domestic and foreign enterprises, many domestic coating enterprises began to go abroad and expand the markets of Russia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and so on. At the beginning of the year, Zhongshan huazibu stood out from many competitors and successfully undertook the reconstruction project of Luanda, the capital of Angola, with a bid winning amount of US $106million. In May, Hezhou, Guangxi, held an economic and Trade Promotion Conference in Hezhou, Guangxi, China (Hanoi, Vietnam). Vietnam ATA coating production Co., Ltd. decided to cooperate with Hezhou, Guangxi to invest 4million US dollars in the production of coatings

in October, China Resources paint group and powerful real estate developers in the Far East of Russia jointly promoted China Resources architectural paint and home decoration wood paint. The internal and external wall products of China Resources paint were used in real estate projects in the Far East of Russia for the first time, marking the successful entry of China Resources paint into the Russian real estate industry and its landmark achievements in international business. In November, Jiangsu Chenguang coating Co., Ltd. and Russia Kessler Co., Ltd. jointly developed "nano silver antibacterial environmental protection interior wall emulsion paint", which was included in the Sino Russian intergovernmental scientific and technological cooperation plan. China and Russia will jointly invest and establish a new paint enterprise integrating paint research and development and production in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a production workshop of 300 square meters alone

in November, Guangdong coating Association organized coating enterprises to visit Vietnam for investigation and negotiation. He Bingfu, President of Guangdong coating industry association, Nguyen you Giang, deputy director of planning and Investment Department of Quang Ninh province, Vietnam, and nearly 120 representatives of coating enterprises from the two provinces attended the exchange meeting. The two sides discussed the cooperation prospects of coating industry in the two provinces in depth. This inspection laid a good foundation for some coating enterprises in Guangdong to explore the international market and take the route of internationalization and cooperation

later, the Minister of construction and the Deputy Minister of investment and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan led the government delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan to investigate the coating industry in Guangdong together with the personnel of Guangdong coating Association. Among them, China Resources, Xingguan and other coating enterprises were invited to become long-term suppliers of building materials projects in Uzbekistan

2. The paint industry market, construction and testing are becoming more and more standardized

the chaos of the paint market is known as the biggest obstacle to the development of the paint industry. In order to regulate the market, the paint industry association and relevant departments and people have taken active action to establish special institutions to study relevant foreign standards and formulate a series of standards and specifications that are in line with international standards and suitable for China's national conditions

In March, the state owned Assets Administration Commission of the State Council officially approved the establishment of a water-based polyurethane Professional Committee. Industry experts believed that this measure would trigger a hot start in the upstream and downstream markets of the entire water-based paint industry chain. The water-based polyurethane professional committee not only undertakes the task of continuously improving the production technology of water-based coatings, but also carries the mission of promoting the entry of water-based coatings into thousands of households

In May, the national development and Reform Commission issued the evaluation index system of cleaner production in paint manufacturing industry to standardize the production of paint industry; In September, four branches of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, namely, building coatings branch, plastic pipeline branch, building waterproof materials and construction technology branch, and building adhesives branch, were established. Guangdong coating Association reviewed Guangdong "honest enterprises" on site to standardize the development of Guangdong coating industry

in June, the China building materials inspection and certification center and the flooring materials and applications branch (Preparatory) of the China Building Materials Industry Association held a special meeting on the compilation of teaching materials for "flooring construction technology", aimed at standardizing flooring construction, purifying the flooring market, improving flooring construction technology, and implementing vocational skill appraisal

in October, the National Technical Committee for standardization of lightweight and decorative building materials reviewed and approved the industrial standard of "limit of harmful substances in building waterproof coatings". Insiders believe that the formulation and implementation of the industrial standard "limit of harmful substances in building waterproof coatings" will play an important role in improving the quality of waterproof coatings, upgrading products, protecting the environment, ensuring people's health, and ensuring the quality of waterproof projects

in October, the State Intellectual Property Office set up the position of examiner in the field of coating, which is the first known position of government official specially responsible for coating affairs, which is conducive to the accuracy, impartiality, quickness and specialization of the intellectual property review process in the coating industry

at the same time, China's "code for quality acceptance of building energy efficiency construction" will be implemented from October, and the formulation of industrial standards for water-based fluorocoatings for buildings will start. Beijing Building Materials Association issued fire retardant coating industry rules and regulations to regulate the fire retardant coating market

3. Foreign investment in China has always attracted attention. However, from a comprehensive perspective, the number and amount of foreign investment in the coating industry and related projects this year are amazing. Undoubtedly, with the operation of these projects, the domestic coating and chemical raw materials industry will face greater competitive pressure

In March, BASF Germany built a new chemical plant in Pudong, which will produce Polyacrylate Polymers and special chemicals for leather processing. In May, BASF catalyst (Guilin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company of BASF in Germany, held its founding ceremony. BASF now has 30 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 9 joint ventures in Greater China and Guilin. Its main business scope includes polymer dispersion, styrene, polystyrenes, polyurethane, engineering plastics, coatings, etc

In April, Mitsubishi Chemical Company of Japan has planned to build a composite resin blending plant in Guangzhou, which is another independent project besides the 100000 t/a BPA and 60000 T/a PC projects jointly invested by Mitsubishi and Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical

In early May, AkzoNobel said in a statement that the company would invest 250million euros to build two chemical plants in Ningbo, China. On June 14, the third decorative coating factory invested and built by AkzoNobel in China was officially put into operation in Langfang, Hebei Province. In late May, Kemira group of Finland and tikkurila paint group of Finland jointly established a sales company in China to improve the company's position in the Asian paint market. On May 29, DuPont, one of the world's top 500 companies, invested 20million US dollars to build a paint production base in Shenyang. At the end of September, DuPont and Sinopec announced the establishment of a joint venture, Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Branch, to produce ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin (EVA) in China

in mid June, Zhejiang Golden Coast Chemical Co., Ltd. invested in the production of adhesives in Wenzhou through a joint venture with Italian fradrizugini chemical group, a world top 500 chemical giant. In June, Bayer materials technology established a polyurethane spraying technology center in Shanghai, which is one of the three regional facilities established by Bayer materials technology in the world

In July, Wacker plans to build a new spray drying plant in Nanjing to expand its redispersible latex powder production capacity in China by 300000 tons/year. Wacker is currently one of the world's largest manufacturers of redispersible latex powder

in August, 3M invested 28million US dollars to set up an adhesive production base in Shanghai, which is the eighth production base set up by 3M in China. 3M has been developing in China for more than 23 years since it invested and established China's first factory in Caohejing Development Zone in 1993, with a total investment of more than 570million US dollars. In August, Ashland group announced that it would build a new resin factory and a science and technology service application center in Minhang District, Shanghai. The project covers an area of 130000 square meters with an investment of 80million US dollars. At the same time, the company will establish its fifth Chinese factory in North China

in September, PPG industrial group, one of the world's largest paint manufacturers, put into operation its new plant in Tianjin with a total investment of 10million US dollars, which will increase its annual production capacity of Tianjin plant by another 40000 tons to 70000 tons. The new plant will be used for the production of coatings and industrial coatings for consumer electronic products of the company. So far, the total investment of PPG in Tianjin has exceeded US $60million. Yan Caiming, vice president of PPG industry group in China, said that in view of the growing demand for coatings in China, PPG will invest about US $40million in the next few years to expand the Tianjin plant, so that the annual production capacity of the Tianjin plant will exceed 100000 tons. At the same time, PPG group has built a new paint R & D center in Suzhou. In addition to setting up factories in Tianjin, it also has eight factories in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Zhangjiagang and other places, and trading companies and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places. At present, the total investment of PPG in China has exceeded US $300million. In September, South Asia invested US $2.2 billion in Kunshan to develop epoxy resin business. On September 26, the automobile paint project with an investment of 22million US dollars from Kansai Coatings Co., Ltd. of Japan was settled in Shenyang Chemical Industry Park

At the beginning of November, DSM Shanghai powder coating resin base was put into operation, and its products are widely used in the end markets of health care, pharmaceutical, automotive and transportation, coating, construction, electronics and electrical industries. The annual sales volume of the group exceeds 8billion euros. In late November, DSM invested another US $20million to develop coating resin in DSM Schindler synthetic resin (Foshan) Co., Ltd

4. Coating enterprises actively cultivate talents, and the quality of coating practitioners has improved significantly.

since the establishment of Rohm Haas School of management in Guangzhou last year, Rohm Haas and Guangdong coating Association have actively cultivated talents in color matching, construction, sales and other aspects for the coating industry, which has also opened the prelude to the cultivation of domestic coating professionals

in order to speed up the training of highly skilled talents urgently needed by enterprises and meet the needs of the technical development and practical work of the coating industry, the appraisal station of China Coating Industry Association has determined the first batch of vocational skills training bases, and eight bases provide training for coating personnel across the country to improve their skills. Zhonghua paint (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Three Gorges paint Co., Ltd

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