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OTC drug box packaging design presents five trends

cartons have always been the main form of drug packaging. With the continuous expansion of the over-the-counter drug (OTC drug) market, pharmaceutical enterprises have higher and higher requirements for OTC drug cartons

attach importance to the application of anti-counterfeiting technology. The Geneva Bulletin of the World Health Organization points out that more than 10% of the drugs sold worldwide are fake drugs. OTC drugs are special commodities that consumers can buy directly. If they are fake and inferior products, the light ones will affect consumers' health, and the heavy ones will endanger their lives. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises have high requirements for packaging anti-counterfeiting. For example, the outer packaging box of "gaizhonggai oral liquid" of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory adopts laser film anti-counterfeiting technology, which not only maintains the printing characteristics of the original packaging box, but also realizes the flashing laser anti-counterfeiting effect; The "wutaigankang" outer packaging box adopts positioning hot stamping anti-counterfeiting, which is composed of a computer, a transmitter, a micro processor, etc. on the hot stamping label, and uses pixel holography, true color, synthetic encryption and other technologies to achieve anti-counterfeiting. In addition, texture anti-counterfeiting, label anti-counterfeiting, UV fluorescence anti-counterfeiting, plate anti-counterfeiting are also applied to drug packaging. These anti-counterfeiting technologies have high scientific and technological content and high cost, which can effectively curb fake and shoddy products and maintain the brand of enterprises

pay attention to the decoration effect of packaging. As a commodity, the outer packaging of OTC drugs can reflect the grade of products and indirectly reflect the safety and hygiene of products. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises have certain requirements for the decoration of the outer packaging of OTC drugs. First of all, personalized packaging design is not only convenient to publicize the image of drugs and enterprises, but also conducive to deepening the impression of consumers. Secondly, the selection of high-quality paper can improve the grade of products. The outer packaging carton of "gynecological Qianjin tablets" produced by Qianjin pharmaceutical uses 320 grams of white cardboard from Finnish forestry. The formed "gynecological Qianjin tablets" carton has high stiffness, good molding, and good shelf display effect, which virtually improves the grade of products, and brings higher added value for products to see whether they can be controlled flexibly. Finally, special materials are favored. The outer packaging box of "Yandi" products of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory adopts multi-layer dyed paper and laser film, which not only prevents counterfeiting, but also greatly improves the beauty of the products

add identification bar code because the appearance design of multiple drug packages in the same pharmaceutical factory is relatively similar, different drug boxes may be confused when repacking drugs. Once there is an error, the consequences are unimaginable. The solution is to add identification bar code to the drug packaging box, and install a scanning device on the box pasting machine to identify the bar code of the carton, so as to effectively prevent confusion. For example, when the (d1+ D2) of the cartons of Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s xismin and morpholine products is less than 12, the dimensional deviation and appearance quality are qualified; Anti confusion bar codes are printed on the pasted parts, so that "no chance is given" is realized, thus ensuring the safety of consumers' medication. In addition, bar code technology also has the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing goods, which meets the requirements of self specialized research and development, dynamic identification and rapid identification of logistics

unified printing color when consumers buy drugs of the same brand, they usually compare with the packaging of previous batches. If they find that the color of the packaging boxes of new and old batches are different, they will suspect that they are fake drugs. Therefore, it is also very important to ensure that the packaging colors are consistent

select an automatic cartoning machine suitable for the requirements of enterprises. The requirements for cartons often change after pharmaceutical enterprises adopt automatic cartoning machines. The continuous improvement of the performance of the cartoning machine can continuously meet the requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises to save money. For example, after Shenzhen Haiwang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. used the second generation cartoning machine, the weight requirement of white cardboard was reduced from more than 300 grams to 220 ~ 300 grams, saving costs on packaging materials

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