Five technical trends of the hottest data analysis

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Five technology trends of data analysis

with the increasing importance of analysis technology in the Bi field, manufacturers' competition around analysis technology is also gradually heating up

analysis technology is constantly maturing. As the cost of business intelligence (BI) software continues to rise in the IT budget, and data collection and Tyvek 40L continue many of the advantages of Tyvek series, storage costs are increasingly driven by analysis and use, DBMS and enterprise application manufacturers have focused their efforts in product differentiation on analysis technology

however, few enterprises will carry out a lot of planning work for 2017 to meet the booming analytical technology. Indeed, many enterprises have made very careful design in data warehouse. However, in most enterprises, the installation of departmental Bi applications and analysis applications is almost chaotic

now is the time to take a more serious attitude towards the analytical it strategic plan. It's not just because analytics have a bigger share in your budget. Analysis technology not only accounts for a larger share than before, but also has more integration points, including integration points within the scope of analysis and outside the trading system

now, let's discuss the five main research areas of current analysis technology integration

1. Integrated monitoring, evaluation and information sending

from a historical perspective, Bi technology includes a mixture of information sending and analysis tools - such as real-time query, real-time report, enterprise report, multidimensional analysis, graphical data visualization, etc. All this is now being integrated into a new generation of technology

with the passage of time, traditional Bi technology has become less and less important. The user's central monitoring tool will be a portal or dashboard. This format will first show which indicators are beyond the expected range, and only let users know the accurate figures of the report afterwards

usually, this is an improvement on the traditional report centric system, which may provide a large amount of data, and then let users search and find abnormal conditions by themselves. In the era of time is money, the warning of abnormal conditions can be directly sent to or other "1035". The most basic requirement for the plastic processing industry should be to not only meet the needs of a well-off society in an all-round way, but also adapt to the development level of high-income countries

2. Monitoring, evaluation and transaction processing application

in the past, we mainly recommended this cold and hot shock experimental machine for you. Bi technology has always been read-only, and it conflicts with the copy of transaction processing database. Therefore, technically speaking, it seems unnatural to integrate Bi technology with transaction processing system. However, we might as well look at this issue from the perspective of business processes. When managers pay attention to or get a warning, there is an abnormal situation in the measurement - what is the reason for the warning

this reason will usually become a process of taking action, perhaps in the production or purchase process, but it is also likely to be in all other areas of the enterprise

a new generation of hybrid analysis/transaction processing applications is emerging to support these new processes. You can wait for such packaged applications, or you can use some process specification tools. However, no matter which of the above methods is used, the process (and the resulting application) will be crucial for you

3. Internal analysis technology

the traditional work of analysis technology is to accurately figure out which customers to provide what services, so that this relationship can bring profits as much as possible

in some environments, such as the call center of the service provider, it will be extremely important to carry out such analysis in real time. Therefore, analytical tools -- usually statistical tools -- must run the transaction processing system in sequence. At the same time, some customer marketing applications are trying to systematize testing and statistical analysis as part of the transaction processing direct mail business process

4. Planning and other

almost every organization has its own huge budget and planning process. However, modern enterprise planning technology has made the planning process of thousands of enterprises more or less standardized. Even so, the prediction system of most enterprises is still not effectively supported. With the continuous development of planning technology, transaction processing applications, monitoring/evaluation, planning itself and even statistical analysis may be merged at any time to form a better and more timely prediction system and formulate a more useful project plan

5. Integrated analysis data management

some technical problems of core servers also need to be considered. Integrating enterprise reports, real-time queries, and various analyses into a single server may be a very laborious task, which requires careful evaluation when selecting manufacturers of analysis technology. However, the problem of server is more extensive than this problem. DBMS manufacturers are focusing on data aggregation. Bi manufacturers are also working hard to make the performance of DBMS as unnecessary as possible. Data caching is also being integrated into application servers in an interesting way, and some famous BI products also include their own application servers

in addition, some manufacturers of professional MOLAP (multidimensional online analytical processing) database servers are frantically trying to find their own development direction because their core interests are eroded by the technological progress of relational DBMS

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