Five tips for daily use of the hottest all-in-one

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Five tips for daily use of all-in-one machine

in order to meet the requirements of the fast-paced office in the information age, many units have purchased all-in-one machines with functions such as fax, printing, copying, scanning, etc. After purchasing the all-in-one machine, users hope that it will last longer, have fewer failures, and spend less on maintenance and consumables. Of course, the above requirements are not extravagant. As long as you master the correct methods and develop good habits in the process of operating and using the all-in-one machine, you can easily do it. In order to effectively help you use the all-in-one machine with many functions, the author hereby puts forward some suggestions on how to use it

1. Multi purpose continuous copying

unlike ordinary printers, the all-in-one machine needs to be restarted every time it is started. An increase of 20 yuan/ton in Tangshan, Shandong and Shanxi regions can reduce the heat of greenhouse gas emissions. If the all-in-one machine is started frequently for a long time, it will easily affect the service life of the internal optical components of the all-in-one machine. In order to avoid this frequent startup phenomenon, we should concentrate our work as much as possible, gather all the materials that need to be copied, and use the continuous copying function of the multi-function all-in-one machine to carry out batch operation, which can not only protect the service life of the all-in-one machine, but also improve the copying speed. The specific use of this function is also relatively simple. As long as we set the working mode to continuous copy mode on the control panel of the all-in-one machine, and then press the copy button, the all-in-one machine will automatically copy the manuscript. However, there are certain restrictions on the number of copied manuscripts. The general multi-function machine can copy up to 99 pages continuously, but this is believed to be more than enough for our ordinary office. At the same time, it can also make multiple continuous copies, so that it can be copied into multiple manuscripts at the same time. This is a very good choice under the condition of having a large amount of copies. During operation, input the number of copies to be copied on the numeric keyboard, click the copy button, and the all-in-one machine will help us deal with the rest. For a small number of copying tasks, unless it is particularly urgent, it is generally not advocated to copy with use, but to copy continuously to ensure the efficient work of the all-in-one machine

2. Place the paper in advance

placing the paper should include using high-quality printing paper or fax paper and correctly placing the paper in the guide box, because when the all-in-one machine is in continuous working state, the most likely thing to affect the efficiency is the problem of the copy paper. Once there is anything abnormal in the transmission process of the paper, such as the all-in-one machine does not feed paper, multi page feeding or paper jam, This will not only affect the normal operation of the all-in-one machine, but also damage the paper conveyor inside the all-in-one machine in serious cases. In order to avoid problems in the transmission of copy paper, we should first ensure the use of high-quality copy paper, and then require that the copy paper should be placed correctly and flatly in the paper feeder, not too full, and the guide rail should be adjusted to adapt to the paper width. Once the paper is stuck inside the all-in-one machine, we should try to turn off the power of the all-in-one machine, and then carefully remove the stuck copy paper from the all-in-one machine. In addition, when installing fax paper, the author suggests that users use standard fax paper and face the heat sensitive surface towards the print head according to the instructions. Unused heat sensitive paper should not be placed in direct sunlight or wet places, so as to avoid poor heat sensitive effect caused by deterioration of heat sensitive paper, which will affect the fax effect. In addition, if you use low-quality paper, its rough surface is easy to wear the working components inside the all-in-one machine, resulting in a decline in the quality of printing or copying. Therefore, using low-quality paper is definitely a loss outweighing the gain

3. Use the saving working mode

very similar to the use of laser printers, the all-in-one machine also needs to consume a lot of paper in the working process, especially the expensive toner cost, which prevents the rapid popularization of the multi-functional all-in-one machine. Therefore, the new all-in-one machine has added the saving working mode function, and using this function can effectively reduce the consumption of consumables, so before using the all-in-one machine, First of all, the all-in-one machine should be properly set to work in the saving mode. Now there are many types of all-in-one machines on the market that have a toner saving setting. People can achieve this purpose by simply clicking a button on the operation panel of the all-in-one machine. Some users need to set relevant settings on the control panel according to the requirements of the operation manual, but the operation is not too complicated. This toner saving function may not be obvious for a small number of copy jobs, but if the amount of information to be processed is large, the effect of this function is very significant

4. Protect the photosensitive drum

in the multi-function all-in-one machine, the photosensitive drum can be regarded as a more expensive consumable. If you want to reduce the use cost of the all-in-one machine, you must pay attention to the photosensitive drum. Moreover, the photosensitive drum has a great influence on the final output effect of the all-in-one machine. In order to get the ideal output effect, the careful care of the photosensitive drum is necessary. Some people may say that the photosensitive drum is located in the body of the all-in-one machine. How can users protect it? Don't worry. The care I mentioned here mainly refers to the protection of the photosensitive drum when the user takes out the toner box from the all-in-one machine. Because the photosensitive drum has high requirements for the working environment, if it is illuminated by the sun for a long time, it may affect the final printing effect, and even affect the service life of the toner cartridge. Therefore, when the toner needs to be replaced or the toner box needs to be taken out to check the failure of the all-in-one machine, we must avoid placing the photosensitive drum under the direct sunlight, and we cannot place it under the indoor light for more than ten minutes; In addition, it is also necessary to place the toner box on a clean and smooth surface, and avoid touching the photosensitive drum with your hands, because the grease on your fingers will often permanently damage its surface and directly affect the output effect. In addition, when replacing toner, it is also necessary to clean up the waste powder in the waste powder collection bin in time, because when the waste powder accumulates too much, there will be pits on the output manuscript, and in serious cases, it can damage the photosensitive drum

5. Regular cleaning

you can regard the all-in-one machine as a special office equipment that solidifies the fax, printing, scanning and other functional modules into a whole machine. Therefore, the requirements of the working environment of the all-in-one machine should be the same as those of scanners, fax machines and printers. In addition to maintaining the all-in-one machine according to the cleaning requirements of processing scanners, fax machines and printers, you should also pay special attention to protecting the optical imaging part of the all-in-one machine, because the optical imaging part of the all-in-one machine is designed to be the most precise, and a slight change in the position of the optical lens or reflective lens will affect the quality of CCD imaging, It may even make the CCD unable to receive the image letter. Through the services we provide, we can improve the customer's favor of Jinan Shijin itself. Moreover, when the all-in-one machine is copying, the light will pass through the glass plate and several reflective lenses and lenses from the light emitted by the lamp to the CCD reception. Dust or other small impurities on any part of it will change the intensity of the reflected light, thus affecting the copying effect. Therefore, the cleaning of the working environment and the protection of the optical imaging part are important prerequisites to ensure the quality of document copying. When cleaning the all-in-one machine, you can first wipe the dust of the shell with a soft fine cloth, and then carefully clean it with detergent and water. Then we clean the glass plate. Because the cleanness of the panel is directly related to the copy quality, when cleaning the panel, we first wipe it with glass cleaner, and then wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth. After use, be sure to cover the all-in-one machine with a dust cover to prevent more dust from invading

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