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Innovative technology of multi-functional rotary stretch bottle blowing machine

rotary stretch bottle blowing machine is a modern high-tech equipment integrating machine, electricity, liquid and gas. The advantage of high-speed and efficient molding has become the development direction of stretch bottle blowing machine. Its market has been monopolized by French Sidel company. There is no high-speed, efficient, multifunctional and industrialized rotary stretch bottle blowing machine in China, The development of rotary stretch bottle blowing machine can enhance its competitiveness in the market. Dongguan Jiahong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. combines more than ten years of bottle blowing machine research and development technology to develop the ecopolo rotary stretch bottle blowing machine, which is fully automatic from blank feeding to bottle discharging. It has artificial intelligence, control automation, energy conservation and environmental protection, functional diversification, efficiency and efficiency, molding stability, safety and reliability, and is suitable for cold filling, sub hot filling, high temperature sterilization and hot filling of liquid containers such as drinking liquid and medical liquid The high-speed stretch blow molding of PP and other packaging containers, especially the precedent of high cost-effective stretch blow molding equipment for PP medical infusion bottles and washing liquid bottles, filled the domestic gap and achieved good economic and social benefits

process innovation

bottle blank feeding. The preforms are poured into the storage hopper, and the conveyor belt automatically lifts the preforms to the blank sorting place. Then the preforms are neatly arranged on the blank feeding guide rail, and the arranged preforms automatically enter the heating and transportation of the equipment by gravity. Automatic control of blank trimming, high blank loading efficiency without damaging the bottle blank

bottle blank heating. At the feeding star wheel, the heating head automatically and continuously obtains the bottle blank, and the bottle blank rotating at a uniform speed continuously passes through the special heating zone to obtain accurate control heating, and the temperature distribution is symmetrical and reasonable

stretch bottle blowing. The cam mechanism accurately controls the opening and closing of the mold. The simple mold base mechanism makes the replacement of the mold more convenient and fast. The special mode locking pressurization system makes the mode locking fast and stable. The special structure of the blowing nozzle and the original bottle blowing control technology improve the yield

shape the bottle. The manipulator automatically takes the bottles out of the mold and accepts the quality inspection. The bottles that meet the quality requirements are transported to the drive belt, unloaded and stored in the bottle bin or online filling

mechanism innovation

preform conveying mechanism: the unique preform mandrel conveying mechanism ensures that the preform is free from the risk of inversion during heating

high speed mode locking mechanism: the arc mode locking structure of the invention patent with independent intellectual property rights, and the special mode locking pressurization system make the high-speed operation stable and noise free

hot filling bottle forming mechanism: when blowing hot filling bottles, three-way circulating special design distributor is used to evenly distribute the water/oil temperature with different requirements to the parts with extremely short clearing time of the mold, so as to achieve the best effect of bottle crystallinity

lightweight and energy-saving bottle blowing system: cold air and hot air are used to forcibly cool the bottle mouth and transmission mandrel during heating, so as to achieve the best cooling mode. An induced draft device is used in the heating box to overcome air convection, ensure the balance of the heating temperature of the bottle blank and prevent the surface of the bottle blank from overheating

energy saving sealing machine blowing combination valve: the valve has no pipeline connection, compact structure, simple commissioning and maintenance, reasonable consumption of high and low air pressure, and achieves the best energy consumption control

simple and reliable manipulator: cam connecting rod type manipulator for blank and bottle taking, simple, excellent coordination and low manufacturing cost

clean and safe molding design: the equipment adopts a fully enclosed structure, ensuring a clean molding environment, eliminating external pollution to the molding bottle, and ensuring the molding cleanliness of the medical infusion bottle. The perfect and reliable safety door system ensures the safety of operators and the long-term operation stability of the equipment

control innovation

bottle blank heating system

infrared heating controlled by silicon controlled, each layer of infrared lamp can be controlled independently. The air flow in the heating area and the unique design of the bottleneck protection device make the bottle blank obtain the ideal temperature curve. At the same time, the bottleneck is not affected by the heating. With the help of the infrared thermometer, the automatic temperature regulation is realized to realize the intelligent heating control of the bottle blank. The heating pipe realizes independent adjustment and control

operating system

man machine dialogue operating system, which visually reflects the production status. The heating temperature of bottle blank at all levels is displayed through the touch screen operation, and the control parameters can be adjusted according to the bottle blowing process requirements. The bottle blowing parameters of each mold cavity can be easily controlled through the touch screen

safety system

mold closing mechanical electrical interlock protection to avoid damage to equipment when mold closing is not smooth. Mold locking mechanical and electrical interlock protection ensures the safety of mold and mold base. The double limit detection of bottom mold and mold opening ensures that the bottom mold does not fall out during the high-speed operation of the equipment. The sealing multi-point detection device maximizes the safe operation of the manipulator and the stretching rod. Bottle taking inspection ensures the safe operation of the blank feeding manipulator and die. The electronic detection system can automatically eliminate the unformed bottles and defective bottle blanks without error, so as to prevent the risk of shutdown. Heating lamp disconnection alarm detection

processing capacity

the forming speed of the stretch blow molding machine is the primary parameter of processing capacity and the most important goal that the stretch blow molding equipment strives to pursue. Ecoblo rotary stretch bottle blowing machine improves the output of single mold and the total output by optimizing the heating system to reduce the heating time, improve the transmission speed of bottle blank operation, improve the fast and stable performance of bottle blank, shorten the opening and closing time of mold and the lifting time of blow molding pressing head, and increase the number of forming cavities. The production capacity of 1700 single-mode per hour has reached the international advanced level

multifunctional molding innovation

ordinary rotary stretch bottle blowing machine can only shape cold filled PET containers, with single function and narrow application area. The technology of forming PP bottles by linear stretch blow molding machine independently developed by Jiahong company, combined with the characteristics of rotary stretch blow molding machine, has developed the technical equipment of forming PP bottles by rotary stretch blow molding machine, which provides high-tech equipment for the stretch blow molding of PP medical infusion bottles and washing liquid bottles, and achieves the stretch blow molding not only applicable to PET bottles, but also to PP bottles. Jiahong also independently innovated and developed three-way oil/water distributor, hot filling and bottle blowing mold, and hot mold and bottle blowing station suitable for hot filling and bottle filling by stretch blow molding, so that users can quickly replace relevant devices to carry out stretch blow molding of hot filling and bottle filling, so as to achieve multi-purpose and multi-function of one machine

ecoblo rotary stretch blow molding machine has been successfully applied to famous companies at home and abroad such as CCC in Canada, polar bear and Watson in China. The actual use has proved that the ecoblo rotary stretch bottle blowing machine is high-speed, efficient, stable, safe and reliable


the successful application of ecoblo rotary stretch bottle blowing machine shows that China's rotary stretch bottle blowing machine has a certain share in the domestic and foreign markets, which also shows that independent innovation and R & D is the successful road of scientific development of enterprises, simple and repeated products will only go to the end, and the product development of high-tech to adapt to market development will never end. The packaging waste left by plastic machinery is also growing year by year. If there is no fundamental breakthrough in the rate, function, performance and other aspects, the equipment developed will have no way out. The enterprise should scientifically control the breakthrough progress in the research and development of energy storage technology, determine a long-term and effective market development strategy, and provide timely and competitive equipment for the market, so as to remain invincible in the fierce market competition

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