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Innovative technology of functional injection molding machine

at the 24th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition, more and more functional injection molding machines appeared on the exhibition stands and became the focus of attention. Functional injection molding machine is different from ordinary injection molding machine. In addition to the performance of ordinary injection molding machine, it also has the unique function of injection molding. In order to achieve the required functions, the functional injection molding machine has great differences in mechanical mechanism/structure, power source, control system and so on. In order to adapt to the development of injection products, functional injection molding machines have become the preferred R & D equipment for companies with strong technical development force. The subdivision of injection function has also become the development direction and research focus of functional injection molding machines

high speed injection functional injection molding machine

high speed machine refers to the injection machine with the function of high injection speed, which is subdivided into thin-walled high-speed machine, micro high-speed machine, ultra-high-speed machine, high-pressure high-speed machine, low-pressure high-speed machine. According to different functions, the type and performance of the power drive system of the high-speed machine are also different. For example, the thin-walled high-speed machine can use the accumulator to assist the power to achieve high-speed injection. The injection stroke of the micro injection high-speed machine is extremely short, and the power system with extremely high dynamic response must be used to achieve high-speed injection. The auxiliary power of the accumulator cannot be used as the power drive source of the micro injection high-speed because the dynamic response cannot meet the requirements. Domestic injection molding machine R & D and manufacturing companies actively develop functional injection molding machines to meet market needs. For example, in the field of functional high-speed machines, Hangzhou Dayu Machinery Co., Ltd. developed micro high-speed machines, Ningbo Baston Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. developed es series high-efficiency fast injection molding machines, and Ningbo Haida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. developed accumulator assisted high-speed machines

dual material functional injection molding machine

dual material injection molding machine has more refined functions and wider application range. Renxing (China) machine factory Co., Ltd. has developed rotary double (multi) material injection molding machine, rotary double (multi) material injection molding machine and double (multi) material color mixing injection molding machine

encyclopedia Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited lmt180-g Ⅱ -2c l horizontal two-color and two material injection molding machine. The whole machine is of modular design. Two sets of independent plasticizing injection systems can be combined and matched in a variety of ways. The servo motor drives the reciprocating mold turning device, two sets of independent proportional pressure/flow control oil circuits, precision semi closed-loop control, and independently developed software programs. It is famous in the international market for its characteristics of low energy consumption, high speed, and high precision

krauss Maffei's dual material injection molding machine can produce a variety of composite products that combine thermoplastic, polyurethane and elastomer materials in different ways. Provide complete solutions, including molds, molding processes, and combinations of various systems

injection molding equipment assembled in mold is a special case of double (multi) material injection equipment. In mold assembly injection molding is to combine each individual component into a whole in the mold, rather than assemble each component through buckle, welding or bonding outside the mold. The equipment used for in mold assembly is not much different from other multi-component molding equipment. The main difference is that in mold assembly integrates automatic operation and subsequent operation steps, and has a closed-loop control system that can ensure processing repeatability and accuracy. Engel, MGS and other companies have developed in mold assembly and injection molding technology for medical products. The biggest technical difficulty of in mold assembly and injection molding is the mold, which cannot be solved in China

high efficiency and energy-saving injection molding machine

fuqiangxin Precision Industry Co., Ltd. an-200 adopts a servo pump system driven by three loop power to achieve the synchronous operation of the three actions of plasticization, mold switching and ejection. Compared with traditional equipment, it greatly shortens the molding cycle, improves the efficiency by more than 21%, and saves energy by 50~60%

Baston company es-tech2800 beston-pack series high-efficiency injection molding machine, energy-saving closed-loop multi pump combined power drive system, low inertia injection mechanism, no accurate electrical control system, energy accumulator must be used to assist the power system, the injection speed is more than 300mm/s, the overall efficiency is increased by 20~50%, the energy consumption is reduced by 25~50%, and the product qualification rate is greatly improved

energy saving and functional servo pump injection molding machine

servo motor driven pump power system is the development direction of energy-saving and functional injection molding machine to further reduce driving energy consumption and improve molding performance. The development of servo motor driven pump power system is limited because it only saves energy and does not improve the molding performance. Through the in-depth research and development of energy-saving technology, we can improve and expand the molding performance, so that energy-saving technology can achieve substantive development. Domestic exhibitors' servo pump injection molding machines only focus on changing the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor-driven quantitative pump system into a servo motor-driven quantitative pump system to solve the energy saving of the power drive source, and lack of research and application to improve the molding performance of the system

Bosch Rexroth combines the DFE electronic variable pump and servo motor whose dynamic performance and accuracy are recognized by the company into a dfen pump control system with variable speed, which makes up for the slow response of ordinary asynchronous motor and frequency converter, and solves the problem that the ordinary servo motor driven quantitative pump system is easy to be damaged due to long pressure holding time and large current. Here is the most easily damaged component: the defect that causes excessive heating and demagnetization of servo motor, The service life of the servo motor of the characteristic machine with high response of the system is guaranteed

the servo motor drives the oil pump system, which requires frequent startup and braking under injection molding conditions. The inertia kinetic energy of its components can be generated by the servo motor during braking from 2011 to 2018, and then converted into DC through the driver, which is stored in the capacitor. When the servo motor starts in the next cycle, the capacitor is discharged and then converted into the required pulse current through the driver to drive the servo motor. This energy recycling device can save energy by 3-5%. The "servo hydraulic drive braking energy recycling device" initiated by Datong Co., Ltd. in China can save 25~80% energy. After the application of this technology, the Se series with a clamping force of 600 tons has reached the level I energy consumption standard of injection molding machine. A Malaysian customer used the 600se injection molding machine with a clamping force of 600 tons of Datong machinery group to process 740 grams of paint barrels. Compared with the injection molding machine driven by a variable pump with a clamping force of 650 tons of a Japanese brand, the daily electricity charge fell from rm710 to rm250.6, a decrease of 64.7%

high energy-saving functional all electric injection molding machine

energy saving of all electric injection molding machine is beyond doubt. How to further save energy has become a new research topic, and the advanced energy-saving technology displayed is worth learning from

Wittmann bartonfield mechanical equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Wittmann) showed the new Ecopower machinery series in the Asian market for the first time. Ecopower is a belt less servo motor driven injection system with a compact structure, equipped with a servo motor direct drive mold closing device. Ecopower is equipped with a professionally designed drive system to avoid the usual consumption of braking energy, and it does not need to be equipped with an expensive special system for braking energy recovery. During the exhibition, Ecopower 110/350 model showed its superior performance, and the production of PP bottle caps was demonstrated on site through the double cavity mold of HTW company. After production, Wittmann w811 manipulator transfers the finished parts to the conveyor belt

electromagnetic heating leads the low-carbon era of plasticizing heating

Shanghai Tianjian electromagnetic Co., Ltd. and others exhibited electromagnetic heating technology. Electromagnetic heating technology has been applied to injection molding machines for several years, and the technology is also maturing. Compared with resistance heating, the thermal efficiency of electromagnetic heating is increased from 40% to more than 93%, the heating speed is more than doubled, and the heating part saves electricity by 30~50%, which can reduce the overall carbon emission of the industry by 5million tons. Electromagnetic heating also improves the temperature control accuracy and molding performance. The price of electromagnetic heating is on the high side, which is difficult to promote in a large area. Innovative technologies reduce the price, and policy support encourages the application

functional and specialized accessories

accessory companies actively develop high-tech products to serve the increasingly developing functional injection molding machines. The non-contact btl6 linear displacement sensor with high repeated positioning accuracy developed by baluf company for the injection molding machine industry. A special controller for smartpump injection molding machine developed by baccalais to meet the continuous demand for energy saving in injection molding. Various injection nozzles developed by Hezhuo nozzle valve system (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. are matched with various functional and specialized injection molding. The technical level of hot runner mold has been greatly improved. General ordinary molds can be developed and manufactured in China. The hot runner mold of bottle cap mold and bottle blank mold with more than 48 cavities still needs to be tackled. With the development of second board computer, it is urgent to solve the application and development of injection compression mold

Figure 1 two plate deflection and pull rod non-interference structure

automatic intelligent part taking by manipulator has become a necessary kit for functionalization and specialization. Abb, one of the world's top 500 companies, launched the smallest and most accurate six axis robot IRB 120 in 2009, which can be widely used in various processes in the plastic industry. For example: small injection molding parts, precision plug-ins, visual quality control, rapid placement & assembly, gluing, etc. The effective load of irb120 is 3kg, the working range is 580mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.01mm. The servo side entry high-speed in mold labeling system of Ningbo Weili robot Co., Ltd. is suitable for labeling products of various shapes

mechanism/structure innovation

the new mechanism/structure of injection molding machine components displayed has become a new highlight of the scientific and technological progress of injection molding machines in recent years

Ningbo Haida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited an injection molding machine with a seven fulcrum clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism integrates the inverted four fulcrum clamping mechanism and the inverted four fulcrum clamping mechanism. One fulcrum is shared, so eight fulcrums are combined into seven fulcrums. The elbow bar force acts on the central area of the mobile template, which is equivalent to the performance of the eversion elbow bar force. Compared with the eversion elbow bar clamping mechanism, it reduces the deflection of the template deformation, thins the thickness of the mobile template, and improves the rigidity of the template. The clamping mechanism has the performance of large stroke ratio and large expansion ratio, which shortens the axial length of the clamping mechanism and operates stably and quickly. The stroke ratio has the performance of the eversion five fulcrum mold closing mechanism, and the mold moving stroke is greater than that of the same kind of eversion input computer five fulcrum mold closing mechanism

Toshiba Corporation of Japan exhibited the ec-s series all electric injection molding machine with a novel structure of mobile template with non-interference between the deflection of the second plate and the pull rod. The moving formwork is divided into a force bearing support and a mold mounting plate. The moving formwork has no contact with the puller, and is composed of a mold mounting plate, a force bearing support, a fixing screw, a positioning pin, a linear guide rail, etc. The stressed support bears the mold locking force, and the winding deformation is generated in the central circular area of the mold mounting plate, which is different from the general overall template. The winding generated by the stressed support acts on the upper and lower parts of the template, so the winding generated by the stressed support basically does not affect the mold mounting plate. The whole guide is guided by two linear guide rails, and the guide length is about 4 times that of the pull rod. Unlike ordinary mobile templates, it relies on the pull rod and the guide sleeve installed in the pull rod hole of the mobile template to guide, so it does not need lubricating oil, improves the cleanliness, improves the service life of the pull rod, and is stable and reliable. The detachable die mounting plate improves the maintenance performance and flexibility. The guide adopts high-precision and high-load ball guide rail to realize gapless movement and improve the motion stiffness of the mechanical system. Guide rail pairs are used in pairs, with 3.3pc intelligent electronic tensile testing machine and rubber tensile testing machine "error homogenization effect", so as to reduce the basic parts (guide rail mounting surface

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