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Innovative methods and equipment for polymer electromagnetic dynamic extrusion molding

New extruders blow plastic films in factories

polymer materials (plastics, rubber, fibers) must be shaped and processed to reflect various excellent characteristics. Extrusion processing is one of the main methods of polymer processing, especially plastic processing. Its main molding equipment is screw extruder. For a long time, people have made in-depth research on its principle and structure. In this stage, the cutting, measurement and experiment of samples should be carried out continuously, and the polishing rate should be large. Various new star screw extruders and multi screw extruders have emerged. However, no matter what kind of traditional extruder, it adopts the indirect energy exchange mode of motor and external heating elements, the steady-state plasticizing extrusion mechanism of the combined action of external heat source and machine die shear, and the structural form of multi system separation. There must be some defects, such as low energy utilization, high energy consumption, large noise, large volume, high manufacturing cost, difficulty in improving the quality of extruded products and so on. In order to fundamentally solve these problems, Professor Qu Jinping of South China University of technology and his scientific research team began to carry out exploratory research on new theories and methods of plastic plasticization and extrusion in 1987. In 1990, he was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (approval No.: 6) to conduct in-depth research, and achieved the following results:

1 The introduction of electromagnetic vibration field into the whole process of polymer plasticization and extrusion has fundamentally changed the real-time display mode and structure form of LCD of traditional screw extrusion equipment. The 3D printing startup ranked top 3 in China landed and plasticized and extruded in Zibo

2. A series of new concepts and principles such as polymer dynamic plasticizing extrusion, direct electromagnetic energy exchange, machine electromagnetic integration and so on are proposed, and various new phenomena and laws in the process of polymer electromagnetic dynamic plasticizing extrusion are revealed

3. A relatively perfect mathematical model of polymer electromagnetic dynamic solid conveying, melting and melt conveying process is established, and the basic law of polymer electromagnetic dynamic plasticizing extrusion process is clarified and quantitatively described

4. Polymer electromagnetic dynamic plasticizing and extrusion equipment has been developed. It has a series of significant advantages, such as energy consumption reduction of about 50%, volume and weight reduction of 70%, manufacturing cost reduction of 50%, low noise, good adaptability to materials, low plasticizing and extrusion temperature, and high quality of molded products

at present, the new equipment has been put into mass industrial production in Shunde City, Guangdong Province, and is deeply welcomed by plastic manufacturers. Several plastic factories are ready to update the traditional equipment of the whole factory with new equipment. This technology has obtained invention patents from 8 countries and regions including China, the United States and Europe, which has attracted the attention of many enterprises at home and abroad, requiring technology transfer, cooperative production, or obtaining international sales agency rights

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