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Liugong forklift's working condition photos, video solicitation activity plan

Liugong forklift's working condition photos, video solicitation activity plan

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Liugong forklift's products are increasingly enriched to meet the needs of more and more working conditions. 5. LED digital display, in order to share the application cases of Liugong forklift in these different working conditions with customers, we invite you to participate in this photo and video solicitation activity, We will select the best photo award and the best video award from the recommenders, so that the one who can show the comprehensive and superior performance of Liugong forklift products can be displayed to more customers

activity time: July 5 ~ August 30, 2014

collection scope:

domestic regional and office marketing service personnel, international marketing service personnel, dealer marketing service personnel, and customers and friends who pay attention to Liugong forklift truck

work requirements 9 Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value;:

1. Exhibition works (, camera shooting, clear picture, stable video without shaking)

2. Shooting model: CLG series electric fork (three fulcrum, four fulcrum), a series small tonnage (ton), CLG series small 5 tons, CLG series medium and large tonnage (ton), CLG series large tonnage (ton, 16 ton), CLG series electric tractor, CLG series storage vehicle

3. Shooting details:

① try not to appear in the work except the operator

② the shooting scene is the scene in which the forklift is operating under working conditions

③ the photos require that the forklift is in the load state, and the pictures are taken respectively when the gantry is lifted and lowered. The shooting angle is taken from the front and side of the car body and the front and rear 30~40 degrees of the car body, as shown in the figure below. The reference shooting angle:

④ the video requires the forklift to complete a short-distance transportation and loading and unloading work in the working condition of this CES

4. There is no limit to the number of solicitations, but each person is only allowed to participate once

5. The winning photos and videos selected after the solicitation will be displayed on the official, publications, posters and other channels of Liugong forklift company

submission method:

digital works construction chemical fiber efficient flexible manufacturing technology innovation platform is submitted to Liugong forklift brand management department through transmission and email

: (Haomiao)

email: @

award setting:

award setting:

1. Best Photo Award, with a bonus of 1000 yuan

2. 1 Best Video Award, with a bonus of 1000 yuan

3. Two excellent photos, with 500 yuan each

4. Two excellent video awards, with 500 yuan each

5. 3 winners of Shangjing Photo Award, with 300 yuan each

6. 3 winners of Shangjing Video Award, with 300 yuan each

7. Nomination Award: a total of 100, with a beautiful gift worth 100 yuan each

selection of works:

Liugong forklift will be selected after the collection of photos, and the results will be publicized in the official station and center of Liugong forklift company before August 30, and the winners will be notified to receive the prize

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