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Innovative design of pharmaceutical packaging

most consumers are blind when purchasing drugs. Even if some consumers have a purchase goal in mind before entering the drugstore, they often change their original purchase plan in the drugstore because they accept the new stimulus

therefore, how to catch the attention of consumers is undoubtedly the key to promote sales. Now, too many businesses often naively believe that as long as the packaging of drugs is "impact", and then give detailed information about discounts, price reductions, gifts, products can be sold. Plastic products for culture

but the reality is that a product with "impact" on its packaging may not be able to attract the attention of consumers at the terminal. Why is this

the current product packaging design is deeply influenced by traditional thinking and inertial thinking. The traditional visual impact shows strong "I-Thinking" and "inertial thinking". When designing packaging, it is not wrong to simply consider the "impact" of this product. How can a product without "impact" in a package give consumers enough strong stimulation to promote sales

however, if we overemphasize the "impact" of this product, do not make a comprehensive comparison of similar competitive products in the whole market, emphasize the differences of this product, and highlight its own characteristics, the products that would have been very "impact" will be flooded in the market, because there are too many similar things. A pile of products that emphasize "impact" together will produce a result that none of them is outstanding, This is now the biggest problem in the pharmaceutical packaging market

how to solve this problem

innovation! Only by innovating the traditional pharmaceutical packaging design can our products break through the encirclement, break through the visual defense line of consumers and promote sales

thinking on the innovation of pharmaceutical packaging design

-- emphasizing the reverse design thinking, which is completely different from the competitive product

the so-called reverse design thinking is to re-examine the packaging design from the perspective opposite to the previous one. After the reverse, there will be new ideas and thinking to create new product packaging, which will be in contrast with the competitive product and look for the gap of color system:

that is to say, when packaging drugs, We should look for the packaging color system classification of similar products, and then avoid the same color system with similar products in the design, so that when the terminal is displayed, the products can form a contrast with the products, show their own image, break through the visual defense line of consumers, and contribute to sales

among women's health care products, leading brands such as "Madam oral liquid", "Xueer", "Heart K" and "women's edge" all choose red as the main color, becoming a sea of red. When the new brand "rouyi" came into the market, it did not blindly follow the trend. It adopted the pure yellow packaging method, which was clearly distinguished from other products, and became a little red in the green. It successfully shaped its own brand, and its sales performance rose steadily

imagine, "rouyi" can survive and develop in the highly competitive market if it doesn't carefully study and innovate in the market, follows its existing thinking mode, and uses red packaging

looking for alternative pictures:

the demand of the market is undoubtedly a tiantiao that must be considered for pharmaceutical packaging, but in the rapidly changing market, how much traditional experience is worth learning from

following the traditional medical packaging, there are too many similarities:

the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine products always revolves in brown, yellow and red. The shading and decoration of the picture are nothing more than ancient calligraphy and painting and traditional patterns. In addition to the different product names, other aspects are very similar. Even changing the name, there is another product packaging

most western medicine products have a white background. Using simple lines and color block combinations, together with product names and product English labels, constitute the basic elements of packaging. Many times, the combination of these lines and color blocks does not achieve the purpose of distinguishing from competitive products

it's like that after modern literature got rid of traditional literature, literature has made more than half a step towards non literature. Whether it's the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, if you boldly add other elements, the packaging style will show a completely different feeling from before. The packaging design of baiyuning Jieyu Anshen granule has made a breakthrough in this regard. As a pure traditional Chinese medicine preparation, we did not follow the tradition when creating its packaging, taking traditional Chinese medicine raw materials as the main picture, but boldly used the red heart pattern decorated with western medicine packaging techniques, which formed a strong contrast with similar products and achieved good results

pattern information appeal:

nowadays, the packaging of many drugs always makes people feel unclear visually. Therefore, especially represented by the packaging of some cold drugs, casually using a few color blocks and adding names can't make people have any association. Therefore, in order to make a visual difference between the packaging of current pharmaceutical products and competitive products, we must use patterns to reflect the drug function information and use abstract pattern symbols to express the quality of products, When designing the packaging of Mujie capsule, the main picture uses a medical map showing the bone structure of the human body, which allows consumers to respond to their own symptoms and increases the possibility of consumers to buy at the terminal

unique visual system:

memory point is an essential element in the advertisement of medical and health products. It can be expressed by the directional scientific and technological pictures of product functions, such as physiological anatomy, and can become a symbol for consumers to identify products. Of course, memory points can also be used in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the use of color and logo related information can effectively make consumers have visual differences from competitive products. The packaging of Kublai Khan Shengyang Shiwei pills makes full use of a fireball element, strengthens the visual impact, and effectively distinguishes it from the competitive product

the overall use of unique colors is also very important. The packaging and visual recognition system of the product use the overall color, which can give consumers full imagination and increase the possibility of purchase. Emotional association and rational appeal must be unified in the overall use of color. For example, when designing and packaging products for rheumatism, cold colors cannot be used, and warm colors must be used, otherwise it is easy for consumers to dislike the products; If the warm color is used to show the outer packaging of heat clearing and fire extinguishing drugs, it will also make consumers uncomfortable

energetically take the wheel and spoke sensor and learn from the experience of high-quality products to improve the quality of drug packaging:

design drug packaging. In the past, we may learn from the packaging of previously mature products. In fact, we can not stick to the previous experience and boldly use the packaging style of high-end products that we all think to improve product quality and price. Of course, we must learn from the experience of successful high-end products, If the style of inferior products is borrowed wrongly, the quality and price of products will surely decline

there was once a diet drink in the market. In terms of packaging, it was very different from the original product, and it adopted the form of cans. Although the experience has been used for reference, it is very unsuccessful. This is because the things packaged in cans are worthless in the eyes of consumers. The pellet weight loss beverage packaged in cans cannot reach the expected market price of 130 yuan, and the masses can't accept the 130 yuan can beverage. After it came into the market, this product soon disappeared

deficiencies in the placement of functional indications:

in many drug packaging, the functional indications of drugs are placed on the inconspicuous side bar, which is particularly difficult for consumers to find. Therefore, it is very important to make the function of drug packaging positive. Only in this way can we convey the correct rational demands at the first time, enhance consumers' desire to buy, and stimulate sales

transposition thinking on the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine

pharmaceutical products have two aspects: drugs and commodities. On the premise of complying with relevant national laws and regulations, we must change our ideas according to market changes, reflect the corporate image, improve the appearance design grade, and obtain the psychological recognition of consumers

at present, the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine can be clearly distinguished without looking at any instructions. This is nothing wrong in highlighting the characteristics of their own products, but it does not well highlight the visual differences between their own products and their competitors

traditional Chinese medicine gives people the feeling that it has less side effects and less resistance, but the effect is not obvious, the effect is slow, safe and cheap; Western medicine gives people the feeling that it has obvious effect and takes effect quickly, but it has large toxic and side effects and is expensive. Contemporary pharmaceutical packaging design, the transformation of traditional Chinese medicine packaging to western medicine, and the convergence of Western medicine to packaged traditional Chinese medicine, can effectively make up for their own shortcomings, strengthen their own advantages, promote the current level of medical packaging, fill the unification of traditional Chinese medicine packaging, reduce the anxiety factors caused by the side effects of Western medicine, increase affinity, attract the "eyeballs" of consumers, prevent visual immunity, and provide the greatest possibility to promote sales

resurrection Guangxin Naokang is a typical traditional Chinese medicine, but its packaging design fully draws lessons from the packaging techniques of Western medicine, which not only highlights the safety and affinity of traditional Chinese medicine, but also gives people the feeling that western medicine takes effect quickly and has good curative effect. It is unique in packaging design

thinking on the use of new materials for the outer packaging of pharmaceutical products

for pharmaceutical products in the market, no matter what quality of drugs, the outer packaging is always cardboard for medicine boxes. The only difference is whether there is peritoneum, whether there is imported cardboard used, and whether there is special technology

the consequence of this is that there is no essential difference between a few yuan medicine and a few thousand Yuan medicine packaging

the packaging of drugs sold for thousands of yuan is low, and the quality cannot be highlighted. Then it can only give consumers the feeling that this drug is not worth this price. Turn around and buy a competitive product with similar packaging and much lower price

in terms of different quality packaging for different quality products, the best thing to do is the packaging of moon cakes. From a few yuan moon cakes to thousands of Yuan moon cakes, to tens of thousands of Yuan moon cakes, the packaging materials of each grade of products are absolutely different: ordinary plastic bags, luxurious brocade boxes, gorgeous gold and silver outer boxes, giving people the feeling that value for money, money, goods

the packaging of pharmaceutical products must be in line with the packaging of moon cakes. Different grades of products use different grades of packaging materials. Your medicine must use good materials to give people a sense of value

the packaging of pharmaceutical products is the most direct embodiment of the connotation of products. Without good packaging, no matter how good it is in other aspects, it can only be "cold lips and teeth". In order to break through the market, break through the visual defense line of consumers and drive sales, we must look for more opportunities for innovation in product packaging

today, the development of pharmaceutical product packaging has reached a stage that must be innovated. Without innovation, we can only lose the "eyeball" of consumers; If you don't innovate, you can only drown your products in the market

packaging innovation is the only way for the product itself to directly increase sales

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