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The innovative form of paper product structure

China is a large country in the production and use of paper products, but the production structure and technology of paper products in China are relatively backward to some developed countries in the world. With the continuous acceleration of the pace of knowledge economy and the development trend of circular economy, the application market of China's paper products in packaging and other fields has been effectively stimulated and promoted, and the product structure of paper products has also undergone great changes, especially the continuous innovation in production technology and product structure, which has greatly improved the quality of paper products, improved the protective performance of products, and played a better role in promoting the sales of products, It also makes paper products more and more widely used

composition and use of paper product structure

as the name suggests, paper products refer to products made of base paper or base paper and other materials, mainly including books and periodicals, posters, trademarks, corrugated boxes, cartons, paper cups, paper discs, paper bowls, honeycomb paperboard, paper cans, paper bags, paper tubes, paper corner guards, paperboard, paper relief, pulp molds and other products of a wide variety. Modern paper products are mainly used to spread cultural knowledge; Product publicity and promotion; Product measurement and packaging; Decoration and protection of products; It is convenient for the transportation and sales of products. Because paper products are easy to recycle and belong to environmental friendly green products, they are especially suitable for the internal and external packaging of products. With the innovation of production technology and structure of paper products, the packaging quality level of paper products continues to improve. Modern paper products can replace wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel packaging, iron packaging, etc. The production process of paper products is simple, which is conducive to reducing production energy consumption and material consumption and improving economic benefits. It is an ideal choice for market economy and the development direction of circular economy

innovative form of paper product structure

1 Innovation of corrugated box performance. Modern paper products have many structures and various forms of innovation. Corrugated box solves the related technical difficulties. As the most commonly used paper product, its structural form has also been continuously developed and innovated in the application process. As an innovative product, high-strength corrugated composite board changes the corrugated horizontal arrangement structure of traditional corrugated board, and adopts the corrugated vertical close arrangement structure, which can replace heavy corrugated board, honeycomb board and wood packaging, and can be called a new environmental protection packaging material. As a kind of product outer packaging carton, it is particularly important to improve its waterproof performance. However, the general corrugated carton has poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and there are great troubles and problems in the recycling of film covered cartons. The new recyclable waterproof carton, by adding hydrolyzable resin, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the carton can be better improved, and it is easy to degrade during recycling. It is an ideal process to replace the film coated carton. It can be said that the innovation of modern product packaging structure is changing from the simple sales packaging and transportation packaging in the past to the functional packaging structure. Now, the innovative process of corrugated box with anti-corrosion characteristics has come out. The inner paper of this kind of box is coated with special materials, which can make the items in the box can be well preserved for more than 5 years without other anti-corrosion measures. This function comes from the highly active copper element complex, It can effectively neutralize corrosive gases. With the acceleration of China's circular economy, the innovation of paper product structure and production technology will develop in the direction of beneficial ecological protection, energy conservation, material saving, consumption reduction, economy and simplicity. Replacing wood with paper, plastic with paper, glass with paper and metal with paper will become the mainstream of commodity packaging in modern and future for a considerable period of time

2. Innovation of field printing technology of paper products. Field plate is a common process for letterpress (including flexo) printing spot color. In the past, copper, zinc or resin plates have been used for field plate printing with traditional letterpress process, while flexo process generally uses resin plates for printing, which has the disadvantages of easy cracking of printing plates, affecting production efficiency and high production cost. In view of the previous use of zinc plate and resin plate to print cigarette packet box collar (white board paper gold printing process), there are often cracks in the horizontal direction of the printing plate during the printing process, which has a great impact on the production efficiency and production cost, so the author got innovative inspiration from the offset printing process and used to make the scrap offset old blanket into a field relief plate for printing, which not only greatly improved the printing quality of the product, but also greatly improved the production efficiency. The rubber blanket is used to replace the expensive resin plate. It is the origin of the experimental machine and the copper plate material. It makes the field version of embossing including flexo printing process. The printing plate has a printing resistance of more than one million prints, which better reduces the production cost and opens up a new development prospect for the embossing and flexo printing process

3. Innovation of post press processing technology of paper products. Embossing and indentation are common processes for post press processing, decoration and molding of paper products. Embossing process generally adopts embossing machine or vertical die-cutting machine to make embossing plate for embossing. The former embossing production form cannot be locally embossed, and the embossing plate with roller structure needs to be replaced due to the change of embossing plate. The operation is very inconvenient and the production cost is high, which is not suitable for embossing of small batch products. The latter needs to make metal or resin embossing plates, which can be embossed comprehensively or locally. However, the uniformity of pressure is not ideal, and the production efficiency is low and the labor intensity is high. According to the traditional process, the paper indentation production is also carried out by using the vertical die-cutting machine, which also has the problems of low production efficiency and high labor intensity. In view of the disadvantages of the above production process, the author broke the conventional process and created a new process of partial or comprehensive embossing with resin plate on the offset press, which not only better reduces the production cost, but also improves the production efficiency and quality, with clear embossing Uniform process effect. In addition, the use of resin plate or binding wire in the offset press for indentation production has also achieved satisfactory results, expanding the production efficiency of the offset press and improving the utilization rate of the equipment

4. Technological innovation in the manufacturing process of paper products and materials. The quality of corrugated paper is particularly sensitive to the strength of corrugated boxes. If the quality of corrugated paper is poor, the quality of corrugated boxes produced is also poor. By adding nano materials into the corrugated paper production process, the corrugated paper made by special process treatment has higher strength, good dehydration performance, no powder and wool loss compared with the corrugated paper produced by ordinary process. Because the particles of nanoparticles are very small, the concave and convex points on the corrugated paper surface are relatively reduced. For the fine and smooth paper surface, the amount of adhesive is relatively small, so the corrugated quality formed by the single-sided machine is also good. The main production process of nano corrugated paper is: using nano calcium carbonate materials and additives with superior performance, through the processing of special equipment, a new paper-making additive of nano technology is made. This additive is directly added to the slurry with a concentration of about 1% and evenly mixed. Then it is uniformly sprayed into the corrugated paper into the air injection type through the bundle pipe headbox of the paper machine, so that the corrugated paper contains the component of nano calcium carbonate. Due to the close combination of positive and negative fibers in nano calcium carbonate, with the assistance of additives, about 80% of nano calcium carbonate is retained in corrugated paper. After high vacuum dehydration, pressing treatment and high temperature drying process, nano corrugated paper with water content of about 8% is formed. Corrugated paper made of nano calcium carbonate material can be made into thinner corrugated paper with its strength greatly improved. For example, the strength of cartons made of low quantitative nano corrugated paper of about 80g/㎡ can be comparable to that of cartons made of ordinary corrugated paper of about 150g/㎡. It can be said that nano corrugated paper is an important production way to improve the quality of corrugated boxes. In addition, the application of innovative materials such as nano ink, nano printing plate, nano adhesive and nano varnish has expanded the functions of printing and post press processing production materials, which can effectively reduce production quality failures and improve production efficiency

5. Technological innovation in the manufacturing process of equipment accessories. Corrugating roller is the forming mold of corrugated board and the most expensive and important part of single-sided machine. The height of its corrugating teeth determines the forming thickness and strength of corrugated board. Therefore, only when the corrugating roller achieves the use effect of high wear resistance and not easy to deform, can it ensure that the corrugated cardboard produced meets the requirements of molding quality. In the past, after the surface of corrugating roller was worn, the traditional repair method is to use ordinary hard chromium process to treat the surface, and its wear resistance is not ideal. The innovative processing technology of the corrugated roller with silicon carbide chromium nano ceramic coating is: the working surface of the corrugated roller base material has a silicon carbide chromium nano ceramic coating with a thickness of 0.08mm ~ 0.10mm. The silicon carbide chromium nano ceramic coating is composed of three layers. The first layer is an ion diffusion layer firmly combined with the corrugated roller base material, the second layer is a bottom layer combined with the first layer, and the outermost layer is a silicon carbide chromium nano ceramic coating combined with the bottom layer. The characteristics of this process are that the wear resistance of this type of corrugated roller is about 3 times higher than that of the original hard chromium plated corrugated roller, which can better improve the service life of the corrugated roller, reduce the time of shutdown and overhaul, and greatly reduce the production cost. The corrugation roller is the key component of flexographic printing. Its performance directly affects the printing quality of products. The traditional metal roller material of flexographic printing machine is generally low carbon steel or copper, which is electronically carved into an inking hole with a 45 pyramid structure, and then chrome plated. This kind of roller is easy to wear due to its thin coating, especially with the scraper type ink conveying device, which is more prone to wear and reduce the hole volume, affecting the printing quality of the product. The laser engraving nano ceramic roller is made of nano ceramic materials, so that its strength and service life of oil are determined according to the local climate, and its toughness and wear resistance are significantly improved. Therefore, the laser engraving ceramic roller has been widely used in flexographic printing machines, and the metal roller with poor performance will gradually be replaced by the ceramic roller with excellent performance. The characteristics of nano can meet the requirements of greatly improving the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of ceramics, which provides a reliable technical guarantee for the production of excellent corrugated rollers and lays a solid foundation for improving the printing quality of cartons

to sum up, the innovation of paper products production technology is the need to improve the economic benefits of packaging and printing enterprises, improve product quality, and reduce production consumption. It is also the inevitable trend of the development of circular economy. Especially in the current difficult situation of rising raw material prices, economic depression and high operating pressure, printing and packaging enterprises should pay more attention to seeking new economic growth points and outlets through the innovation of production structure and production technology. Therefore, whether at present or in the future, technological innovation of production process is still the best way and choice to tap economic potential, and only by adhering to technological innovation can the knowledge resources, technological resources and management resources available to enterprises be transformed into the achievements of improving productivity and reducing production costs; It will be transformed into a real competitive advantage in the market, so that enterprises can obtain better opportunities for survival and development in the fierce market competition

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