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Innovative strategies for the outer packaging of wine products (II)

mature period: at this time, the sales growth rate tends to be stable, most consumers are willing to use our wine, and the competition for this product is very fierce. The competitive function of packaging is not weakened, but urgently needs to be strengthened. Our wine is at its peak, but it has also become the target of public criticism. Counterfeits poured in, seriously damaging my brand image; Competing products frequently attacked me, fleeing goods and disorderly prices, causing a flood. Therefore, while highlighting the anti-counterfeiting function, packaging should strengthen the defense function against competitive products. The realistic strategy is:

A. take offense as defense. After all, our products are in an active position, controlling the main market share, and can launch a decisive battle against the main competitive products. With the advantages of our packaging design and composition, we directly point to the weaknesses of the packaging of competitive products

b, transfer interest. Through the reasonable reduction of packaging costs, the price of wine products will be reduced to win more consumers

c, multi brand. Increase the length and width of the product line. Under the condition that the quality does not change, different packaging will have good results

d. Improve the grade of prizes and strengthen the promotion

recession: try to rejuvenate and provide transition conditions for the birth of new products. Changing strategies and upgrading are the theme of packaging. At this time, I still have some firm and persistent brand loyalists. The competition for our brand has weakened, and I take advantage of this opportunity to achieve change. The function, design and composition of the existing packaging that do not adapt to the market environment should be improved again, so as to change the competitors and competitive position, improve the competitive environment and make it new. If the possibility and value of freshmen are not great, they should be eliminated decisively

(IV) marry a couple in a sedan chair -- introduce different needs

the function of packaging promotion is to urge and induce consumers to buy immediately. The enterprise information, product information and marketing information are clearly conveyed to consumers, and the time until consumers decide to buy is very short. The decomposition process is roughly as follows: arouse attention, arouse interest, inspire desire, and put into action

it is impossible for consumers to read the information about enterprises and products at length or make decisions after tasting them one by one. Therefore, the design of middle-level packaging is particularly important for consumers who have just met. How to firmly target consumers in the "uproar" of competitive products? In addition to being unique in design creativity, communicating with different consumers and meeting their own needs is the key. First of all, we should establish our own concept of packaging - the relationship between packaging, wine and consumers. To make clear that the most favorable appeal position is inseparable from the genes of China 5 mining and Alibaba, and strive for nod rate and return rate, we must achieve the unity of physical positioning and psychological positioning, as well as the two

entity positioning. The physical factors composed of packaging design, composition, cultural content, function, cost, cost ratio to the main liquor, price ratio and other factors should be combined with different types of consumers into corresponding quadrants in order to accurately locate

psychological positioning. Psychological positioning is based on the type of consumers, which can be formulated according to actual needs, such as: innovative, early identification, majority adoption, late conservative, etc; For example, by location: hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, families; According to the cultural needs of consumers, it can be divided into: wedding celebration type, festival and auspicious day commemoration type, banquet and guest contact type, farewell washing and farewell type, memorial service and funeral appeasement type, drinking alone and lyrical type; Also, according to age, income, and the nature of festivals... Successful psychological positioning will win widespread acclaim

the marketing principle followed by the unification of physical positioning and psychological positioning is 4C strategy - consumer desire, cost of demand, convenience and communication. For example, the specifications and materials of packaging should be made into small samples first, carefully observed, judged and modified, and the mass line of consumers should be followed - from which to go, so that there will be less loss of finished products and packaging overstock

(V) spring breeze borrows scissors in February - choose excellent packers

with the imminent entry into WTO, there is greater freedom to choose excellent packers. It is best to choose packers with planning function, which also have industry experience in wine packaging. Now we emphasize the combination of manufacturers (distributors) and direct access to the end market. Why can't we implement "the combination of policy makers and manufacturers (packers) and the comprehensive combination of upstream and downstream wear measurement methods in the wine industry"? It is not for planners and packers to arrange the packaging business of the enterprise and replace the product development department and Planning Department of the enterprise, but to come up with a more appropriate and fruitful packaging scheme through in-depth insight into the enterprise and its external environment, so as to make the wine wonderful and colorful. The new technology and materials of "glass colouring material" greatly meet the needs of high-end wine. Golden yellow, silver white, dark green, sea blue, peach red and other varieties match with good wine. Anyone can remain unmoved when they see it. Maotai Prince liquor, Luzhou Laojiao liquor, Xinjiu liquor and Langjiu liquor are not so much the creations of liquor makers as the masterpieces of packagers

(VI) wearing a yellow robe -- wearing a cultural coat

Chinese wine culture has a long history and is broad and profound. It is undoubtedly wise to put Chinese wine in the golden palace of modern marketing and put a cultural yellow robe on her. To establish the concept of assets of packaging culture, as long as the measuring circuit has no shortcomings, it will not be culture for culture, packaging for packaging, and there will be a steady stream of intangible assets into wealth. In Chinese wine culture, packaging accounts for three out of ten. Since Chinese wine is a spiritual product, you will feel slightly drunk before you enjoy it. If the outer packaging is a cultural banner of the enterprise, then the inner packaging, that is, containers and drinking utensils, can be regarded as exquisite cultural and artistic treasures

at sugar and wine gatherings, we often see the far fetched so-called cultural packaging, which really turns people off. In the design of packaging, we should pay attention to the cultural tacit understanding between the factual part of wine and the psychological part of consumers, and seek artistic collocation and artistic breakthrough on this tacit understanding point. Packaging with artistic appeal must be associated. Yu Zhongbin, an engineer of liancangzhou Mingzhu diaphragm Technology Co., Ltd., said he wanted to determine the state of culture in packaging and market by associating with the level of wine, brand image and brand personality, and giving full play to the personality of traditional culture, modern culture, national culture, regional culture, wine culture, especially packaging culture

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