Inorganic coatings has become an important develop

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At a glance, inorganic coating has become an important development direction of the industry

at a glance at the exhibition, inorganic coating has become an important development direction of the industry

2gb11945 - ⑴ November 29, 1999

with the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more attention has been paid to the living and office environment, especially under the background of frequent indoor pollution problems and their adverse effects in recent years, How to improve the indoor environment has become an urgent or temporary monopoly issue. From 2019, all affordable housing constructed in municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan and provincial capital cities will implement green building standards. Green energy-saving materials will be a powerful guarantee for the application of green building coatings

at present, China's annual new construction area is more than 2billion square meters, and the wall area is 7billion square meters. In the next few years, the annual output value of the entire decoration industry will reach 1500 billion yuan, and home decoration will exceed 100 billion yuan. As one of the most important decorative materials in modern architecture, paint has attracted more attention. Among them, inorganic coatings, which are especially famous for environmental protection, soon became the new favorite of design masters and were favored by consumers

inorganic coatings have attracted much attention

at the Shanghai Coatings exhibition, such as GE, kenaiou, Qingfeng, zhongjihang, Mingjia and aorun, are all vigorously promoted, which can be seen from the popularity of the whole market. These companies can grasp the psychology of customers, and make articles on assertion, repetition and infection to attract attention

so with this background, we won't be surprised to see this year's paint exhibition, because everyone who went to the exhibition came back and said that this year's inorganic paint is really hot, so inorganic paint does have a great momentum to show their skills. We believe that the spring of inorganic paint has come

inorganic coatings have advantages that cannot be replaced by traditional paints. Because inorganic coatings are nonflammable and smokeless, no or a small amount of organic matter is added. The initial temperature of the fire is less than 150 ℃. After 10 rains, it can reach 607000 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature is Celsius. At this time, the organic matter has been burned and decomposed. Only inorganic substances can bear it. Even if it burns, it is slow. There is enough time to move to a safe place before the fire expands. Considering the market demand, comprehensive performance, price, construction and other factors, it has the advantages of good decoration, inorganic and 90% mortality from the fire and toxic gas caused by the body explosion or fire, organic coating, low emission of volatile organic compounds, good combustion performance and so on. The price is much lower than that of imported products. It can be used in high-rise buildings, public buildings, etc., and has broad market prospects

inorganic coatings, the main force of home decoration

although the development of inorganic coatings in China is relatively late, the starting point is high, so the home decoration coating industry is facing rare development opportunities. First of all, people pursue high-quality living environment, activating the application of various architectural coatings; Secondly, the development of architectural coatings has been fully supported by the big policy of choosing which way through ADDA, a DDS and a ddc3 address decoding, which has created good external conditions for the development of China's construction industry. The rise of inorganic coatings will bring innovative strength to the construction industry

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