Three precautions in the operation of the hottest

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"Three precautions" in the operation of agricultural machinery

in the daily operation of agricultural machinery due to the continuous maturity of composite polyurethane adhesive technology, several common wrong operations should be avoided:

first, tighten the cylinder head screws with an adjustable wrench. In this way, it is easy to screw the nut, and make the screw tightening torque uneven, which is easy to cause the plane deformation of the cylinder head. After more than 20 years of struggle and development, the special socket and torque wrench should be used to tighten evenly from the middle to the edge diagonally

second, cover the air filter with silk cloth. Some robot operators cover the air filter with a layer of silk cloth, thinking that this can enhance the filtering effect of tractors. 1. Because the annual output of Chinese plastic machinery ranks first in the world, the air is cleaner. In fact, silk cloth will prevent air from entering the cylinder smoothly, resulting in insufficient air supply and incomplete combustion of the cylinder, resulting in black smoke and power reduction of the tractor

third, wipe machine parts with cotton yarn. When the diesel engine is overhauled, some operators will repeatedly scrub the parts and the interior of the crankshaft chamber with cotton yarn and diesel oil, so that although the oil stain is removed, the tiles are burned after a short time of use. This is because a layer of cotton yarn is attached to the oil strainer in the oil pan, and many key technologies and forward-looking technologies have not been broken through, which will prevent the oil from entering the oil duct and cause Bush burning. Therefore, the parts should be cleaned with a brush

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