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Innovative design of cosmetic box packaging

cosmetic box packaging nowadays, manufacturers' high requirements for packaging have promoted carton packaging design to differentiate and highlight products on shelves. The latest cardboard and plastic boxes are more. Its anti-skid protective shell is made of Keppel's thermoplastic K series materials. It uses unusual materials, special decorations and clever shapes to highlight the packaging. The boundary between popular products and high-end products has also become increasingly blurred. More and more production researchers have combined the advantages of the two to produce high-strength transparent resin products, which are sold in secondary outer packaging

first, the main trend is that no prominent innovative packaging has impacted the secondary packaging market in recent years. Brand marketers and their suppliers are wisely using existing resources to integrate. The following is an analysis of several major trends affecting the packaging structure of cosmetic cartons and plastic boxes from several aspects

(1) unusual shape

more and more companies require different packaging box shapes, requiring some changes that break through the tradition, rather than a conventional shape. A relatively new change in this field is the use of injection molded plastic end caps. P & G's Olay Regenerist brand uses this technology, and the final finished carton looks more like a cylinder than a cube

(2) textured materials

textured materials have been very popular in cosmetic packaging. Texture is often produced by embossing flowers on a whole sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it gives a touch different from that of standard or smooth cardboard. Although we can use the final effect of smooth or matte, most customers prefer a matte effect combined with textured materials

now, many cosmetic manufacturers and packers are looking for materials with different types of texture, such as cardboard with a rough effect of gravel grain or a pile feeling. At the same time, texture can also be produced through the use of coatings

(3) display the main packaging

through the outer packaging, you can see the perspective packaging of the contents, which is increasingly favored by consumers. Although this effect can be achieved through the opening of cardboard, many brand marketers are choosing to achieve this goal through a combination of packaging - a plastic window embedded in a cardboard structure. Cardboard and plastic will have a very effective combination in the future

(4) glitter and dazzle

on cosmetics packaging, packaging made of glitter and dazzle materials has begun to appear in order to achieve eye-catching sales purposes. Special effect inks, coatings and metal materials are being added to this trend. Manufacturers strive to make their products different through this innovation, but at the same time, they pay attention to the cost, so they can not only achieve this appearance effect, but also save money. 3. Temperature rise preventer: the way to protect the test object and the experimental box, that is, to use metal ink or pearlescent oil with gloss effect in printing. In the future, we will see more dazzling decorative cartons in the market

II. Application analysis

among the four major materials of modern packaging industry - paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging, paper packaging and plastic flexible packaging have the fastest growth. Paper and plastic are the two most widely used packaging materials. They are playing an increasingly important role in many fields, such as food, medicine and health products, cosmetics and washing products. Among them, the paper product packaging based on folding cartons has greater development space, because folding cartons can not only meet the requirements of carton closure and high-speed automatic packaging machine, but also suitable for packaging, printing and online processing. Secondly, multilayer paperboard composites are more and more widely used. As users have higher and higher requirements for the quality and performance of paper products, the consumption of multilayer materials has a further increase trend

paper can be used not only in the outer packaging of cosmetics, but also in the inner packaging. For example, it can replace EPS corrugated cardboard cushion liner, which is light, cheap and easy to use ● punch: DP φ It has the advantages of recycling and is an ideal environmental friendly packaging material. Corrugated cardboard cushion liner has bearing capacity and cushioning capacity, which can meet the requirements of product positioning in the outer packaging. It also has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient assembly and so on. Now, many perfume and cosmetics are lined with micro corrugated cardboard, such as Lancome, tonnair, Davidoff, etc., which not only improves the compressive strength of packaging, but also improves the grade of packaging. Because the micro corrugated board is formed in one piece and the high-strength corrugated base paper is selected, the cost is more economical and more environmentally friendly. In a sense, corrugated paper products are easy to recycle and recycle, and are ideal "green packaging" materials


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