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Innovative technology of gravure printing ink (Part 2)

impastato said: "Gravure printing has three advantages in flexible packaging. First, it has color consistency. Second, gravure printing allows the use of higher ink coverage. This is an advantage for pictures that require high opacity. Finally, gravure printing allows better drying between different color groups. This enhanced drying ability can effectively control the residual solvent. Further, with faster drying speed, it also improves the printing speed Degrees. "

ayers said: "As we can see in flexographic printing, the two biggest advantages of gravure printing are the ability to clean on the machine and quickly change plates when printing large quantities of orders. Gravure printing has always been the standard of printing quality, while flexographic printing always tries to achieve 'the printing quality of gravure'. Gravure printing also provides higher ink coverage, which makes it an ideal choice for high color density and white opaque printing. Another advantage is that it can Some solvent based inks used in gravure printing cannot be used in flexographic printing. For example, solvent based inks such as vinyl/acrylic/polyester can be used in gravure printing. "

bottle packaging, which is prosperous in the Asia Pacific and European markets, and profitable in the U.S. market, is a key opportunity for gravure printing

Dr. schaeffeler said, "when the business plan is not overwhelming at this point, we have been engaged in the development of bottle packaging with several major gravure printers, who have used these ink technologies. The evaluation of when the application of flexible packaging bags can gain a foothold in the United States and replace traditional packaging as in other parts of the world remains to be published."

gravure printing has always performed well in the field of packaging. Impastato said, "I think gravure printing will continue to maintain its position in packaging, but it will not increase significantly. The cost and delivery time that are more conducive to flexographic printing will always be the main obstacle to gravure printing."

New gravure ink technology

when talking about ink, white said that innovation is indispensable to help consumers distinguish products

white said, "we are studying a gravure ink that can react in different environments, similar to the thermal ink used on RFID tags."

Ayers said, "new ink technology enables gravure printing to enter emerging and growing markets such as bottle packaging, labeling and other plastic labels."

flint ink has two new gravure composite ink systems, sterling GL and arrowbond Ultra. Impastato said, "Our sterling product is a very good multi-purpose composite ink, which has high adhesion and low solvent residue on a variety of substrates. Arrowbond ultra is our high-performance product. High adhesion, relatively low solvent residue and excellent printing performance are necessary for pipe tensile testing machine. These two systems are friendly printing, and their performance on a variety of substrates has been found to be reliable."

According to Renzi, Sun Chemical has launched a variety of new products, including rotopure and rotopure ultra inks, which do not contain TDI and tin and are used in food packaging. Koch recently launched a gravure ink system harmony for the heat shrinkable sleeve market

gravure printing of publications

gravure printing is facing the challenges of publications. Liz Scherer, director of gravure technology for publications at Sun Chemical Company, said, "gravure printing for publications occupies a place, but it is a mature business, and there is no expected leap in volume."

Juergen Roth, general manager of Siegwerk Co., Ltd., said, "the fierce competition and overcapacity situation control the development of the market, but Siegwerk can win the favor of the market with the best product quality. Mainly because the intaglio printing technology of books and periodicals provides an alternative opportunity for high-end publications and brochures, and it will still occupy an important position."

the official report of flint ink company pointed out that the price and printing effect of printing ink in the gravure printing market of publications in the United States have been relatively stable, although his small batch printing of moving parts and brochures has not caused economic losses to magazine printers

in the mid-1990s, the rise in paper prices had a negative impact on the use of gravure printing, and Scherer worried that this might happen again

scherer said, "if history repeats itself and paper prices will rise again in the next few years, gravure printing and gravure inks will be hit."

in Europe, the competition of gravure printing of publications is very fierce, so service and quality are essential. Dr. Hans m ü ller Starke, head of gravure application engineering for publications in Europe, said: "gravure printing business of publications has been driven by strong competition in the past few years. Customer service, flexibility and high quality are the key factors for the success of shengweike. Especially in Europe, huge investment has been made in the latest printing technology and continues to be invested."

continuous development and improvement of new technologies will be the key to growth in the next few years. For example, for flint ink, the focus is to develop technologies for itself and customers to withdraw costs from the supply chain. Shengweike is also developing new technologies

m ü ller Starke said, Including the development and production of PVC and silicone materials "Shengweike has been adjusting the formula of printing ink to meet the market demand and necessary technical changes. We believe that toluene containing ink will meet all the needs of the future market. In terms of intaglio printing ink for publications, shengweike company has introduced a new special mixed varnish, which can ensure the highest printing quality even on paper that is difficult to print. These gloss oils combine the highest quality and the best cost efficiency."

gravure printing will face challenges in the next few years, and the research and development of new technologies will contribute to the sustainable development of gravure printing

technological progress improves turnaround time and reduces costs, making flexible packaging a growth highlight for gravure printers and ink manufacturers

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