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Innovative method of moon cake box packaging design

[China Packaging News] moon cakes are gifts for Mid Autumn Festival reunion, waiting for the mid autumn festival based on two force pillars, and measuring the Mid Autumn Festival love with a dial indicator, relatives and friends missing and blessing, and harmonious friendship. Its packaging forms are diverse, and its packaging styles are also innovative, which is deeply loved by consumers

how to stand out from many styles? It is a problem that designers have been discussing. The author briefly introduces the innovative method of packaging design of dot moon cake box. The fields you touch are high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials. Let's discuss them together

I. moral design. Moon cakes are not so much a traditional food as a culture, a sustenance for communicating feelings and kindness and friendship. Therefore, the design of the moon cake box reflects a kind of culture. For example, if the moon cake box is designed into a heart shape to directly express love, or if the moon cake box is made into a thick book shape, some materials introducing the moon cake culture can be attached, so as to infiltrate the moon cake culture into the atmosphere of Mid Autumn Festival moon appreciation and mid autumn festival gifts. It should also be effective to design the moon cake packaging box into a flower shape or a moon shape

Second, transplantation design method. There are many kinds of moon cake packaging materials, such as paper, wood, plastic, etc., all of which have their own characteristics. As a high-end gift iron box packaging, it is feasible to absorb the advantages of many families and improve it in combination with the printing and processing characteristics of iron sheet. Transplant the previous carton design, and use iron sheet with elegant color patterns and characteristic shapes to give people a luxurious feeling

third, multifunctional design method. Ordinary moon cake boxes are discarded after moon cakes are used. While fully ensuring the packaging performance of moon cakes, designing multi kinetic energy packaging boxes and exquisite multi-purpose designs may attract consumers' attention more in providing consumers with ways to continue to use in the future. For example, the shape of the iron box is similar to a candy box, such as a hand pushed children's moon cake box. After use, it can be used as a composition box, or used to hold tea or other food, which is in line with the purchasing psychology of housewives

IV. profiling design method. It is mainly used for the independent packaging of a single moon cake. Some symbolic shapes are selected as models, and the shape design is carried out in combination with the printing and processing characteristics of iron sheet

in addition to the above innovations, the packaging of moon cake boxes can also be embedded with Chinese cultural elements. The combination with Chinese traditional culture is a development trend of packaging design. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Chinese packaging

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