Innovative design of the hottest pet wine bottle

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Innovative design of pet wine bottle

nowadays, consumers are more and more interested in convenient and diverse wine packaging. In response to these needs of consumers, ball company launched its latest pet plastic wine bottle (ball company is a supplier of plastic and metal packaging products for the beverage and food industry) at the wine seminar held in California, USA a few days ago

the design idea of this wine bottle comes from the suggestions of consumers, brewers and wine salesmen. It uses a modern plastic material. 1kW has the feeling of a glass wine bottle, so it can be regarded as an ideal substitute for glass wine bottles, especially in occasions that are not suitable for carrying glass wine bottles with basic properties such as travel and outdoor activities. Because the weight of pet wine bottles is much lighter than glass wine bottles, and the use of pet wine bottles can also greatly reduce the cost of transportation

"in terms of sales performance alone, 187ml of wine increased its market share by nearly 20% last year." Jerry Rosenow, wine director of ball company, said, "because this capacity is especially suitable for small families or consumers who do not need large capacity (such as 750ml)."

in addition to the wine bottle with ordinary capacity, ball also designed a pet wine bottle with a capacity of 187ml for Sutter home brewery, and maintained the feeling of the original glass bottle. Now, the company has put four different flavors of wine in this packaging on the market. After receiving certain market feedback, the company will continue to increase the release of products

"we have successful sales experience of 187ml glass bottles of wine. We believe that the use of PET plastic wine bottles can further increase the convenience of consumers' drinking and better meet the market demand for packaging." Wendy Nyberg, senior marketing manager of Sutter home brewery, said, "I'm glad that consumers can accept this new packaging form, which also gives us the opportunity to expand our sales scope and increase market share."

more importantly, the pet plastic wine bottle designed by ball for Sutter home, which must add light source on the side of the main grating, can well adapt to the company's existing glass wine bottle filling line, so that the whole production line is basically unchanged. Nyberg said, "the transition from glass wine bottles to pet plastic wine bottles with reduced energy consumption costs is very smooth, thanks to ball's comprehensive technical support and excellent product development capabilities."

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