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New technology: innovative process of plastic three-dimensional circuit carrier

with the upgrading of technology, molded interconnection devices abandon traditional circuit boards and apply conductor rails and electronic components directly to devices. Therefore, the complex assembly can be miniaturized, and the number of single components can be greatly reduced through the integration function. Laser direct molding technology (LDS) is an innovative process for the production of molded interconnection devices, which was developed by LPKF laser Electronics AG

pocan polyester products developed by LANXESS for LDS process can effectively control all steps in the whole process, from raw material selection and injection molding, to laser etching, metal plating, and welding process if necessary. For example, pocan dpt7140lds is an ideal material for high-temperature applications, which has a thermal deformation temperature (BF) of 250 ℃, so it is suitable for reflow welding and steam welding processes. Pocan dp7102 is used for economical injection molding of distortion free molded interconnection devices, with excellent surface texture. The material has good flow characteristics, thus ensuring high productivity

this technology can attach the conductor rail to the thermoplastic circuit carrier, making the modification of circuit design simple, economical and flexible. Therefore, the requirement for system stiffness is not high, and corrosive chemicals are not required. The electrical/electronic component industry is taking advantage of LDS technology

Ralf Jantz, an LDS expert in the semi crystalline products division of LANXESS, said: this technology enables us to see great potential in the field of automotive engineering, such as the production of transmission shaft encoder, sensor housing, brake, controller housing, steering wheel module and electronic lock system

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