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Perspective of the German upholstery market

Germany is regarded as the most exciting upholstery market in Europe, and it has also introduced many influential environmental laws

with a total population of 83 million, Germany has the largest flexible packaging industry in Europe, with an estimated US $2.5 billion. Germany's packaging machinery industry can be compared with Italy, and Germany has many L; P80 and) the origin of jnt machinery, especially printing machines, extruders and slitters. These factors have made Germany the most dynamic market in Europe. Jean Claude Steinmetz, chairman of the China Europe Automotive Materials Committee (apimc), has developed barrier composites, aluminum foil products and composites for meat and cheese packaging

German upholstery processing factory is one of the first factories to enter the Eastern European market after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe. The strategic location in Eastern Europe and the large German speaking population in Eastern Europe have become favorable factors for the infiltration of German soft packs into Eastern Europe. After the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe, German machinery suppliers and soft bags) jnt factories swarmed in to fill the vacancy in the consumer goods packaging market

Germany has many advanced upholstery processing plants. Huhtamski oyji, a Finnish company, holds a leading position in the field of consumer packaging in the world. A branch factory in Germany also holds a leading position in the production of cooking bags in the world. NORDENIA is one of the top ten polyethylene film extruder manufacturers in Europe. Its factories are all over Europe, including a new production line in Morocco. The company mainly produces all kinds of films/foils/composites. VAW flexible packaging company is a branch of VAW aluminum group, which mainly tests anemia and diabetes and produces processing materials for consumer goods. German foil manufacturers such as handier, naturmann, hueck and Nusser have products all over the world. Bayer's subsidiary W0lf walsroden has many "firsts" in the production technology of barrier materials

another feature of German upholstery industry is its great attention to environmental issues. The use of PVC is generally opposed in China; But Germany is also the largest aluminum foil user in Europe. Many advanced environmental laws came from Germany and were later adopted by other European countries

Germany is also better than other countries in the field of processing equipment. Germany is the hometown of Kroenert (coater), Kampf (cutter/rewinder), LEYBOLD (vacuum coating), Jagenberg/pagendarm (foil printer/processing plant), Windmiller & holscher (printer) and some other top machinery suppliers in the industry. Now, many soft bag factories have at least one printing machine made in Germany

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