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Perspective on polyester bottle packaged beer recently, the call for the "polyester bottle packaged beer" project inside and outside China's beer industry can be said to be "the sound of the waves is still there". With the promotion of insiders and insiders, the project of "polyester bottle packaged beer" is staggering towards us under the condition that M22 is equipped with 6 degrees and 4 degrees

prospect, medium and close range of polyester bottle packaged beer market

approaching the "polyester bottle packaged beer" project, through the different strategic perspectives of prospect, medium and close range, we can predict and evaluate the market prospect of the project of polyester bottle packaged beer, so that we can focus from the far and high, and start from the near and low. It should be beneficial to the healthy growth of the industry to not only have a long-term vision, but also avoid high expectations and low expectations, and promote the implementation of the project in a down-to-earth manner


the increasing beverage of beer will accelerate the plasticization of beer packaging, which is the long-term strategic expectation of the "polyester bottle packaged beer" project

if expressed in one sentence, it can be said: "today's China's beverage packaging market is the tomorrow of China's beer packaging market." Or say: "the yesterday of China's beverage packaging market was once the today of China's beer packaging market". More than a decade ago, beginning in the 1990s, China's beverage packaging market began to change from glass bottles to polyester bottles

this major change in packaging materials began with the large-scale entry of international beverage giants Coca Cola and Pepsi into the Chinese market. As the leader of "two pleasures", it took the lead in launching pet packaged cool drinks, which was almost without any suspense or controversy. In the past decade, China's beverage market has completed the transition of mainstream packaging materials from glass bottles to polyester bottles. Everyone will not forget that it might be difficult to buy a bottle of carbonated beverages packaged with PET in the Chinese market ten years ago. Almost all the carbonated beverages seen in the market are packaged in glass bottles. Today, it may be rare to find a bottle of carbonated beverages packaged in glass bottles and even black spots. Polyester bottle packaging liquid food, especially gas pressure packaging, naturally has the excellent characteristics of "safety, light weight and fashion". Perhaps it is precisely because the Chinese beverage market has successfully implemented the packaging industrial structure with "safe, light-weight and fashionable" polyester bottles as the main body, that it is possible to promote the great development of the Chinese beverage market in the past 20 years. According to the authoritative statistics of relevant departments, China's total beverage output was equal to China's total beer output for the first time in 2003, and the former surpassed the latter in 2004. It can be expected that with the comprehensive promotion of the construction of a well-off society in China and the changes of modern consumer groups, China's beverage and beer industries will develop by leaps and bounds. The "safe, lightweight and fashionable" polyester bottle will become the mainstream packaging of any kind of mass fast-moving consumer goods. Of course, the increasing beverage of beer will also accelerate the pace of plastic beer packaging, which is the long-term strategic expectation of the "polyester bottle packaged beer" project

mid shot

it should be possible for polyester bottle packaging to follow the international trend of polyester bottle packaging beer and reach the world average of 3% - 5% of the total beer output in the past 3-5 years at least

it is reported that the proportion of polyester bottle packaging in the world's total beer production recently can reach 3.5% in 2005. Most of them are concentrated in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the proportion of polyester bottle packaged beer can reach 60%; And the proportion of polyester bottle packaged beer in China's neighboring South Korea can also reach 30%; Polyester bottle beer in North America, Western Europe, including Germany, which is recognized as having a long beer tradition, also grew at a higher than the average growth rate of industrial development

for beer, a mass fast-moving consumer goods with freshness as the main selling point, there is no reason not to vigorously advocate the promotion of this "safe, light-weight and fashionable" polyester bottle packaging in a large beer consumption and production country such as China. At least in recent 3 ~ 5 years, the company has seen the tightening intensity increase by 50% after the impact, keeping up with the development trend of international polyester bottle packaging beer

, It should be possible to reach the world average of 3% - 5% of the total beer production. If the strategic expectation of the above vision is a potential possibility prediction, the medium range strategic expectation of the market of "polyester bottle packaged beer" should be a realistic possibility

close view

group consumption, mobile consumption and gift consumption are all market entry points that can be expected for polyester bottle packaged beer compared with pop can packaged beer

the author believes that as the development of new varieties of beer packaging, large and small breweries will have a need to enrich product packaging varieties and build their own brands. Just like the cans (aluminum two-piece cans) project that breweries at all levels had to launch in those days, it is a supplement to the existing beer packaging with glass bottles as the main body, and even an ornament. It also belongs to light-weight packaging, but also has the advantages of fashion and high-capacity packaging. It is safe and easy to carry. Group consumption, mobile consumption and gift consumption are the expected market entry points for polyester bottle packaged beer compared with pop can packaged beer

currently available beer product process scheme

beer product process scheme first depends on the product scheme. In principle, polyester bottles of all beer varieties packaged in glass bottles are applicable. It includes the traditional cooked beer that needs pasteurization after filling, the current popular draft beer that needs aseptic packaging after membrane filtration, and the fresh beer that once was popular and aseptic packaging after high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT)

at present, the traditional process of cooked beer that needs pasteurization after filling accounts for 95% of China's beer market. The advantages of cooked beer are long shelf life, low sales risk and relatively stable process quality. However, due to the loss of taste and flavor of beer after long-term high-temperature treatment, some people compare cooked beer to "canned fruit"

draft beer with aseptic packaging after membrane filtration is compared to "fresh fruit". The advantage is that without high-temperature treatment, the rich bioactive substances of beer can be retained, and it has advantages in taste, flavor and nutrition. Since the birth of draft beer, it has been firmly in the middle and high-end market of Chinese beer over the years, with strong profitability. However, aseptic packaging puts forward higher requirements for enterprise management and process equipment, and the production cost is relatively high, so there is a certain quality risk

fresh beer packaged aseptically after high temperature instant sterilization (UHT) is a traditional beer popular in the European market for a long time. It was once sold in the form of barreled "draft beer" in the Chinese market

starting from the concept of advocating the maximization of consumer value, this beer, which has been subjected to high-temperature instantaneous sterilization (72 ° 30 second heating and cooling treatment), retains all flavor and nutrients. Unlike membrane filtered draft beer, which is subtractive, macromolecular proteins are intercepted together with yeast, to some extent, in order to avoid microbial risks and cause the loss of nutrients. Fresh beer after high-temperature instantaneous sterilization treatment, due to the short heat treatment time, not only has reliable microbial safety, but also has no loss of taste, flavor and biological macromolecular nutrients. It is a relatively more reasonable optimization process plan, and is also the most suitable for polyester bottle packaging. Because the microbiological risk of glass bottles, especially recycled glass bottles, is one order of magnitude lower than that of glass bottles, which are washed and sterilized after being packaged by the trinity of "bottle washing, filling and capping". At the same time, because the packaging is not pasteurized, high-temperature resistant polyester materials can not be selected, and the cost is more competitive, so it is preferred to recommend in the alternative product process plan

sufficient and necessary conditions for launching the polyester bottle packaging beer project

long tube valve filling, full CO2 replacement and all-round sanitary design to ensure aseptic filling (if required). Polyester bottle packaged beer, like glass bottle packaged beer, must follow a technical principle:

that is, the internal quality loss of beer after packaging is minimized

beer, as a relatively unstable colloidal liquid food rich in protein, is extremely sensitive to oxygen. After oxidation, the taste is rancid, and the shelf life cannot be guaranteed. In addition, as an aerated beverage, abundant CO2 and rich foam are the main flavor of beer. Therefore, in the filling process, "oxygen isolation and sealing, low temperature and pressure maintaining" is a necessary technical condition. After years of development of filling technology, at present, equal pressure filling is carried out after vacuum pumping and high-purity CO2 back pressure, so as to complete the packaging transfer of beer from wine vat to packaging (wine bottle). And there is a process of vacuumizing the inner cavity of the packaging bottle once, twice or even three times to ensure the minimum oxygen increase of the filled beer. As empty polyester bottles generally cannot withstand vacuum negative pressure (vacuum pumping will cause serious deformation of the bottle body), the filling valve should use a long tube to fill steadily from the liquid level at the bottom of the bottle. According to the experimental data released by international well-known equipment suppliers in the industry, under the same conditions, compared with the long tube filling machine and the short tube filling machine widely used in China, the oxygen increase of the former is 0.04-0.06 mg/L, and the latter is only 0.02-0.03 mg/L. That is, the oxygen increase of short tube filling machine will be twice that of long tube filling machine. It is also inevitable from the perspective of filling process. Short pipe valve (actually an exhaust pipe) the liquor is discharged along the inner wall of the packaging bottle from the outer edge of the exhaust pipe through the shunt umbrella. The process creates full contact between the liquor film and the CO2 in the bottle and the residual air mixture after vacuum pumping, which is equivalent to the washing process, which is equivalent to absorbing the residual oxygen in the bottle to the greatest extent. This is contrary to the original intention of requiring the minimum amount of oxygen increase in the filling process. The long tube valve filling is not the case. After the liquor is fully replaced by high-purity CO2 in the packaging bottle, it is discharged from the tube to the bottom of the bottle, and then after the outlet of the long tube is flooded, the whole filling process is carried out smoothly below the liquor level. The contact with the CO2 mixture in the bottle is always within the circumference of the inner diameter of the bottle until the bottle neck closes the valve to stop filling, and then the residual air in the bottle neck is removed by foaming, Natural absorption of oxygen is greatly limited

the main reason why the packaging with glass bottles as the main body was frustrated when promoting the long tube filling machine in those years was that the shape of glass bottles was generally irregular, and the lift of the bottle supporting cylinder inserted into the bottle was much longer than that of the short tube filling machine, resulting in the interference between the bottle mouth and the wine tube. Under the condition of high-speed rotation of the filling machine, the wine tube is seriously damaged and cannot operate normally. Therefore, the short tube filling machine has to be preferred, supplemented by the function of vacuum pumping in the packaging, so as to reduce the amount of filling oxygen. Now, with the blow molding of polyester bottle mold, the dimensional accuracy and the consistency of shape and position tolerance are greatly improved, and it is completely possible to adopt a long tube filling machine that can ensure the reduction of oxygen increase

to sum up, the sufficient and necessary conditions for polyester bottle packaged beer can be summarized as: long tube valve filling, full CO2 replacement and all-round sanitary design to ensure aseptic filling (if required)

the polyester bottle packaged beer market needs to be jointly maintained by the industry

the more low-quality products are sold, the greater the spread of adverse effects, and the greater the resistance to promotion of products with formal technical conditions after they are put on the market in the future

the market prospect of polyester bottle packaged beer is promising

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