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Perstorp reorganizes its business to support future growth

Perstorp reorganizes its business to support future growth

January 23, 2019

the Swedish professional chemicals company Perstorp is reorganizing its business to support future growth plans and strengthen internal integration. This will result in the loss of 56 jobs, including 32 in Sweden and 24 abroad

the company said it would reorganize its business into three business units: special polyols and solutions, advanced chemicals and animal nutrition Chinese coatings. In addition, it will merge the supply chain and operation departments into one unit

Jan secher, the * executive of

perstorp, said: "The new organization makes us more agile, so that we can better respond to the needs of customers. It will promote cross functional reliability, simplicity and efficiency across the internal value chain mm; but in an era of unstable business environment and global economic downturn, cost saving is certainly very important. I regularly do a good job in the cleaning of mechanical and electrical equipment, and we still have a firm focus; seize the sales volume and profit growth opportunities in our * market segments."

this statement is part of Perstorp's ongoing transformation after the company * recently sold its CAPA and biological products businesses, which the company said would strengthen its balance sheet and release resources for future investments

In December last year, Perstorp agreed to sell its CAPA business to ingevity, an American manufacturer of specialty chemicals and materials, for about 590million euros. In November last year, the company said that it would sell its biological products division (the main producer of Scandinavian biodiesel and glycerin) to a Swedish investor and a member of the biological products management team who did not want to be named

the new owner l looks at what experiments people have done with this big guy. Jinan experimental machine factory sincerely introduces to you that andmark partnership and other co investors promised to invest about 130million euros in Perstorp last year to provide funds for future growth. Last September, American private equity group took over Perstorp from Pai Europe, a French investment company

perstorp has identified several growth areas with strong future potential. This includes strengthening its leadership in the polyol market, promoting the use of phthalate free plasticizers, expanding its product portfolio and market share in animal nutrition, and establishing its product series based on renewable raw materials

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