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Personnel recruitment: 80% Marine Corps 20% airborne

the source of middle and senior managers, I have two metaphors: one is the external airborne, the other is the internal Marine Corps. Among them, it is more important to cultivate his own people, because he understands the culture of Marriott and knows the management style, mode and system

guest: Cao Jun, director of human resources of Shanghai Marriott Hongqiao Hotel

recruitment focuses on soft fitness

Q: what kind of person do you think can adapt to the culture of Marriott Hongqiao Hotel? How to find these suitable employees during recruitment

Cao Jun: first of all, we should distinguish several levels in recruitment. For example, the recruitment of managers and general operators is very different

for managers, in addition to meeting certain knowledge and skill requirements, we need people who are more patient, reasonable, non arbitrary and good at analysis, which is determined by Marriott's hotel culture. If an employee makes a mistake, the manager immediately blames and criticizes instead of communicating and analyzing, which is not in line with our requirements. I usually design some small questions to understand his personality and management style. In addition, I also pay attention to the analysis of the candidate's past experience. If he has worked in some Hotels with great cultural differences from Marriott for a long time, for example, about 10 years, his management ideas have basically formed a deep brand, and we are not willing to accept it. Because once the style is formed, it is difficult to change it. So for managers, I pay more attention to their suitability on soft issues such as culture and style

for front-line employees, recruitment is much more difficult than before, because now the hotel industry is developing rapidly and the competition is fierce, and the reserve resources of talents are relatively not so rich. But our purpose has not changed, that is, to select employees suitable for the service industry. Similarly, besides skills, personality, temperament and personality should be considered. If you don't pay attention to these during recruitment, some problems may occur. During the interview, I will deliberately cause them some difficulties and disappointments to see how he responds, and whether it is easy to get angry or irritable. We need employees who are relatively extroverted and whose performance of polystyrene foam in fire can't be compared, but have some toughness

ask: will you interview all employees when they come in? What is your recruitment process

Cao Jun: except for temporary workers and interns, I will see them. The recruitment process is like this: we have a human resources manager, who is responsible for most interviews first, then comes to me, and then meets with relevant department managers and department directors; If you are a manager or above, the general manager will have a final interview. The HR manager mainly understands the interviewer's personality, personality, past experience, and why he left his original position; The department manager focuses on judging his skill level; The interview of the general manager and me is only 5 to 10 minutes. Based on our professional feelings for many years, we can judge what type he belongs to and what position he is suitable for. At first glance, people who rejected people thousands of miles away were definitely not suitable for our industry. Usually, when a candidate stands in front of me, I will observe the way he walks, his smile, his posture, and how he completes a move. Then talk with him for five or six minutes, which is completely a chat like a friend, not necessarily related to work

ask: in these five minutes of chatting, have you found someone unsuitable

Cao Jun: this kind of situation is relatively rare, but there are also some. Generally speaking, I want to support my HR manager. If he gives me a candidate, I always shoot him. That's not normal, and he will have no confidence in his work. So what I find unsuitable is basically the problem of positioning, which does not mean that the interview is unsuccessful. For example, he may be more suitable for another department than the Department he applied for. For the human resources manager, his task is to fill holes. In his eyes, there are holes, but in my eyes, there are no holes. More consideration is whether this material is suitable. He and I, we stand from different angles and heights, so we have some different views

"Marine Corps" is more suitable for enterprises than "airborne troops"

Q: among middle and senior managers, what is the proportion of internal promotion

Cao Jun: the source of middle and senior managers, I have two metaphors: one is the external airborne, the other is the internal Marine Corps. The target of our group is 80% marine corps and 20% airborne troops. In fact, it can't be reached. This is mainly because of the rapid development. Marriott group now has 35 hotels in China, with a target of 500. In Shanghai alone, two BASF master builders solution departments will be opened next year. According to the standard of 40 managers per hotel, about 500 managers are needed. Therefore, the group also entrusted me with such an important task to develop my own people and introduce people from outside at the same time. Among them, it is more important to cultivate his own people, because he understands the culture of Marriott and knows the management style, mode and system

now our actual ratio is 3:7, with internal training of 30% and external recruitment of 70%, which is far from the goal of 8:2. As far as I know, there are many other hotels with 2:8 or even 1:9. So Marriott group now attaches great importance to succession planning, that is, every manager must choose three successors when working on the post. For example, for my position, I have to choose the first, second and third candidates, and one of them does not rule out looking outside the hotel. If we persist in doing so, we will be an unparalleled group in the world

Q: How did these three successors be selected

Cao Jun: This is not by patting the head, but according to the internal selection system, we should try to avoid subjective tendencies. For example, my HR manager and training manager can be my successors. There is still one missing. I can also choose work and temperament from other hotels in the group, and I can also use software to acquiesce in general steps; A skilled human resource manager, taking him as a successor in the middle beam platform, workbench and other areas of the electronic universal experimental machine, needs to pay attention to moisture-proof and moisture-proof, because Marriott encourages the flow of personnel within the group. I want to evaluate among the three people, and I also need to talk one by one to determine the candidate's position. There are three people in my succession plan. Their characteristics, personality and ideas are completely different, including my views, which will be put on record. If one day I leave, I will tell the general manager that I can choose one of these three people. The specific conversations I have with each of them and the next step plan of their career development can be found in the records. It is equivalent to completing a system, namely internal selection

training courses let employees choose by themselves

Q: there is a problem of career development after employees are recruited, which is also a famous part of Marriott group's human resource management. What is your training system

Cao Jun: Marriott's training system is divided into many levels from low-level to high-level. Each career development stage has a corresponding training plan, and each employee must participate in it and be included in the assessment indicators. Everyone at the employee level has training in Marriott culture and skills; From supervisor to manager, you need to participate in basic management skills training for about 10 months; From manager to director, there are 8 months of training; From director to general manager, there are six months of courses; There is also a course at the general manager level. All courses are designed by the headquarters, and Marriott has more than 200 people specially responsible for the design of courses. Including the training of the first team, the second team, the youth team and the youth team

ask: can employees freely choose some cross departmental training

Cao Jun: employees can raise it by themselves. One difference between Marriott and other groups is that it doesn't want its employees to be honest. Marriott culture creates an atmosphere that encourages employees to think, speak, and help them realize their ideas. For example, an employee told me that he wanted to be the general manager and asked me to help him design how to do it. This is also OK. I told him that it would take about 15 years to be a general manager. What conditions are needed for each step, what things you need to learn, what training you need to receive, and so on. Employees have ideas and don't need to make an appointment. They can talk to me at any time. He said, first of all, make sure that his idea is very good, then ask him the reason, give him some suggestions, and arrange the corresponding courses


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