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Insight into the development of artificial intelligence in the world

original title: insight into the development of artificial intelligence in the world | France wants to squeeze into the "first tier" of artificial intelligence

reference news on March 11 (Wen/Chen Chen) on February 19, the first French Artificial Intelligence Summit was held in Paris. The one-day summit attracted more than 400 representatives of government agencies and enterprises across France. "Promoting AI in more fields and realizing industrial applications" became the common aspiration of the participants

with the further maturity of artificial intelligence technology and the increasing investment of the French government and industry, the cloud application of artificial intelligence continues to accelerate. Munir mahagubi, the French state secretary in charge of the digital economy, previously said that artificial intelligence is an important factor in improving the competitiveness of the French economy. All economic departments and enterprises, regardless of their size, should be able to enjoy artificial intelligence and achieve leapfrog development

the most active in the field of medical and health care

France has its own foundation and advantages in the field of artificial intelligence. According to the report "French artificial leads to the continuous emergence of new materials and puts forward higher requirements for the design of fixtures" released by the French Ministry of finance during the artificial intelligence summit, France has very diverse companies and research institutions in many application fields of artificial intelligence, There are 109 start-ups in the field of artificial intelligence in France, accounting for 3.1% of the world's total. They are active in robotics, autonomous driving, retail, insurance and other fields

the report points out that at present, the industry sectors most affected by AI technology in France are mainly health care, manufacturing, transportation, public services, environment, financial services, agriculture and law. Among these industries, artificial intelligence is the most active application in the field of medical and health care, mainly reflected in medical prevention, medical diagnosis and research. The medical industry should promote and upgrade the use of AI to promote medical reform and allow more French AI medical start-ups to enter the global vision

in addition, France is attractive to international investors in artificial intelligence. Some large interconnected enterprise groups have set up or will set up artificial intelligence R & D centers in Paris. For example, on February 21, Microsoft Corporation of the United States established the global development center of artificial intelligence in France

digital infrastructure is still lacking

but the report also points out that France's development in the field of artificial intelligence is less than that of the United States and China, and there are problems such as the lack of leading enterprises, serious brain drain, and being subject to large foreign Internet companies. In addition, France's artificial intelligence technology is facing two major challenges in the industrialized application of data scarcity and data security, and enhanced training

specifically, many French nationals are widely using application software and service programs provided by foreign suppliers. Due to the lack of large-scale digital infrastructure for in-depth learning and data processing in France, many French researchers are forced to use cloud computing systems owned and provided by American enterprises for research. This situation leads to the lack of a large amount of data and the hidden danger of data information leakage in the development of artificial intelligence in France. In addition, the relatively backward development of artificial intelligence in France has also led to the brain drain. Many excellent graduates trained by French educational institutions choose to work overseas

want to compete with the first-class power

in fact, French President macron took the lead in launching the national AI development strategy in the EU in March 2018, and plans to build France into a world-class power that can compete with the United States and China in AI research and development from the aspects of talent training, data opening, financial support and ethical construction. Its development strategy mainly includes the following aspects:

first, cultivate discipline talents, build a good scientific research ecosystem, and attract world-class enterprises to establish artificial intelligence R & D centers in France

secondly, promote public data openness and private sector data sharing, open the data obtained by medical, transportation and other industries on the basis of public funds, improve the awareness of data sharing and cooperation, and support the requirements of private enterprises to open and exchange data on the basis of emphasizing personal data protection

third, with France Germany cooperation as the core, jointly promote the EU to formulate artificial intelligence development rules and industry standards

fourth, strengthen France's financial support for the AI industry. In the next few years, France will invest 1.5 billion euros in public funds and more than 500 million euros in private sector investment to establish the world's top artificial intelligence R & D center. In addition, France will invest more than 800 million euros in the development of Nano Electronics, which is closely related to the development of artificial intelligence, before 2024

finally, explore and answer the ethical and political problems brought about by the development of artificial intelligence

Cedric Villani, a famous French mathematician, said: "There are different tasks in the development of artificial intelligence at different stages. For example, in the 1950s, when artificial intelligence was born, people had to learn to understand this new thing. Now, the complexity of artificial intelligence makes people start to worry that artificial intelligence systems may cause harm in an unpredictable environment, or may be maliciously manipulated and engage in harmful behavior. We should follow the people-oriented principle, improve and make good use of artificial intelligence 。”

he said that at this stage, the development of artificial intelligence needs to start from three aspects, namely "experimental", "sharing" and "sovereignty". To be specific, first of all, promote the experiments of artificial intelligence in various fields. 3 Cooperation experiments between tls-j5000 mechanical spring tension and compression testing machine industry; Secondly, share AI technology and equipment, development experience and data; Finally, break the bipolar pattern of artificial intelligence between China and the United States and establish a new trend of multipolar development. (Han Bing, former resident in Paris, also contributed to this article)

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