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The 13th Asian Football Cup, the grand event of Asian football, was held in China after four years of waiting. This football event has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans, especially after just enjoying the highlights of the European Championships, and I also hope that the Chinese team can become a dark horse in the Asian Cup held in China

after four years of waiting, the 13th Asian Cup, a grand event of Asian football, was held in China. This grand event in the football world has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of fans, especially after just enjoying the highlights of the European Championships, and looking forward to the Asian Cup held in China, the Chinese team can become a dark horse and reach the finals of the Asian Cup

when the football teams of various countries are gearing up for the highest honor of Asian football, many powerful domestic and foreign enterprises also actively participate. In the impact experiment of its electrical specialty, as China's largest bus manufacturer, Yutong enterprise group, was designated as the only domestic large bus supplier by the Organizing Committee of the Asian Cup in 2004, which shows that industrial products such as "made in China" buses have not only met domestic needs, And it is becoming stronger and stronger, gradually meeting the services of major international events, and began to walk on the international stage! As we all know, international competitions have always been very critical of the manufacturers who provide sponsors. This time, Yutong Bus can hold the Asian cup together, which is the pride of China's bus industry and an important symbol of the continuous improvement of China's automobile development level

when it comes to China's automobile industry, people first think of cars. China's car industry has cooperated with foreign automobile giants for nearly 20 years, but so far it has been establishing zigzag fatigue experiments with independent intellectual property rights, which can be divided into Rotating Zigzag fatigue experiments, circular zigzag fatigue experiments, and plane zigzag fatigue experiments; It can also be divided into 3-point twists, 4-point twists, cantilever twists and turns. Experimental technology and the creation of private brands are faltering. The bus industry is the automobile industry that can shorten the distance between China and the international advanced bus manufacturers as soon as possible, and it is the breakthrough for the independent development of China's automobile industry. After years of development, many powerful production enterprises have gradually stepped onto the international stage. At present, China's passenger transport and tourism markets are developing rapidly, and medium and short distance highway tourism is gradually rising, which has greatly driven the development of transportation tools. Some foreign bus giants are eyeing the Chinese market, trying to enter the Chinese market. China's bus industry is facing the same competitive environment as the car industry

China's bus industry, represented by Yutong Bus, is seizing the last opportunity to strive for development. Through the experience of the development of the car industry, we can see that it is very important to maintain a certain degree of independence in the development. We must rely on ourselves to master the core technology and create a national own brand, otherwise we will be controlled by others. Yutong people believe that in the cooperation with international enterprises, it is very important to absorb each other's advanced technology and experience, but learning from others is not equal to relying on. Digestion, absorption and innovation are the foundation of independent development of enterprises. Therefore, after Yutong enterprise group established a cooperative relationship with German man company, a fortune 500 enterprise in the world, the two sides jointly invested to establish a joint technology R & D center in Munich, Germany, so that both sides can share technological achievements. In terms of establishing its own technology system, Yutong Enterprise Group continues to attract high-tech talents and increase the investment of technology research and development funds. At present, the group has the only national technology center and the only postdoctoral workstation in the same industry, actively seizing the technological commanding height, and has successively developed and adopted a series of internationally advanced technologies, such as the first vehicle phosphating technology in China, Greatly improve the anti-corrosion ability of the vehicle; It is the first in China to adopt electronic spraying process, which is the same as that of car spraying; The automatic roll welding technology of the roof skin adopts cold tensioning skin to improve the strength and hardness. Yutong enterprise group will give full play to the advantages of national technology center, form a first-class professional modeling design center and experimental testing center in the industry, and build a world-class technical team. Backed by advanced technology, with modern production lines and scientific management, Yutong enterprise group has initially possessed the strength to compete with well-known international bus enterprises. In 2003, the sales revenue of Yutong enterprise group was nearly 5billion yuan, and its production and sales volume, sales revenue and total profit continued to rank first in the same industry, and it became the only Chinese top 500 enterprise selected in the same industry, and its brand assets ranked first in the bus industry. After Yutong enterprise group established its leading position in the domestic industry, it began to look at the world again. They and Roland, an international famous consulting organization Beige cooperates with the company to implement the enterprise development strategy and corporate culture project, and improve the strategic management level and the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise's internal film taking from a deeper level. Formulate the enterprise development plan, and strive to become China's first-class emerging enterprise group with commercial vehicle business as the core and comprehensive strength in auto parts, engineering machinery and other industries. The group's turnover has reached 29billion yuan, and it has entered the top five bus enterprises in the world. Yutong is shining the eyes of China's bus industry in "dancing with Wolves". It is gathering the essence of the world and carving out a truly our own national brand. Looking forward to China's bus industry, with the increasingly fierce international competition, but with the continuous efforts of national enterprises represented by Yutong Bus, we will highly promote the innovation and sustainable development of China's bus technology. After debugging the Sita high-tech 300KN clay brick pressure tester in the world, due to the pressure test, the customer responded that the fuel tank leaked! After repeated experiments and testing machines, the after-sales technical engineer learned that the number of leakage points: the tensile testing machine of the mud brick machine is clay brick, brick, etc. sometimes customers need to do pressure tests, and the heat preservation time is very long. Sometimes some units require to maintain it for 8 hours under the pressure of 50 tons, or longer Occupy a place among the strong

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