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See through the chaos of "Da Vinci" counterfeiting: some paint enterprises have been trapped in the "counterfeiting door" since CCTV's "weekly quality report" on July 11 revealed the inside story of Da Vinci's furniture counterfeiting to consumers across the country. On July 13, Da Vinci furniture held a media conference under the pressure of public opinion. Pan zhuangxiuhua, general manager of Da Vinci, was emotional at the scene and told the history of entrepreneurship with tears. A man present shouted with a northeast accent, is it true or false? Can you give an answer. In the face of the doubts raised by the consumers present, Panzhuang Xiuhua did not give a clear explanation. The press conference became a "one-man show" of Da Vinci furniture. There was no opportunity to ask questions at all, and the consumers did not get a reply. This has to make everyone think that the press conference is actually more like a show

the case of Da Vinci's high priced furniture counterfeiting has hit the furniture industry across the country, especially the imported furniture. Nowadays, consumers are cautious when buying furniture. In the era of the prevalence of environmental protection, the safety of furniture paint products that make "protective clothing" for the furniture industry is also the focus of consumers' attention. The occurrence of the "Da Vinci" incident not only sounded the alarm bell for the furniture industry, but also brought a warning role to the furniture paint industry. Recently, Huicong paint interviewed Huilong paint chairman Chen Huiting about the Da Vinci incident, analyzed the phenomenon of fraud in the furniture industry, and discussed how furniture enterprises and furniture paint enterprises can self-discipline and self-improvement, and do a good job in expanding their own brands

"Da Vinci furniture" Chaos: the phenomenon of counterfeiting is not a day. Manufacturers have prospered the market and provided customers with a more economical and practical experimental machine "

whether in the furniture industry or the furniture paint industry, bad market competition behavior exists more or less. Although the national industrial and commercial departments crack down on counterfeiting every year, counterfeiting and other phenomena have always existed in the market. "Nowadays, the existence of counterfeiting in the furniture industry is not a day's work. This problem is very common. At present, many top-level furniture purchased by many consumers may be produced in Foshan, Dongguan and other places. Today's Da Vinci furniture incident is just the fuse that detonates the phenomenon of counterfeiting in the furniture industry." Huilong paint chairman Chen Huiting said. "Da Vinci furniture" counterfeiting event opened the tip of the iceberg of the phenomenon of counterfeiting in the furniture industry, and the integrity crisis of furniture enterprises staged again. As a negative furniture enterprise, protecting the rights and interests of consumers is the most basic moral bottom line. Industry insiders believe that furniture enterprises should first focus on "honesty" in fulfilling the corporate society. Only by being honest, sincere and sincere to consumers can consumers be loyal to enterprises, and enterprise products can be recognized by consumers and the market

"it's not just the furniture industry. In the furniture paint industry, which is closely related to furniture, and even the whole society, counterfeiting events are everywhere." Chen Huiting, chairman of Huilong paint, said. Shanzhai coating products are rampant in the market, and consumers are treated unfairly when buying. Unscrupulous businesses over publicize the functions of coating products, over publicize the environmental protection functions of coatings, deceive consumers, and make consumers suffer psychological and biological damage. Polyurethane insulation materials will lead the market theory of thermal insulation building materials in China for a long time

"Da Vinci furniture" mistake: environmental protection and health are the primary products

furniture products made from unqualified and low-grade materials under the guise of qualified and high-end brands will inevitably make consumers angry, which will not only affect consumers' health, but also affect consumers' consumer psychology. However, in order to make truly environmentally friendly furniture, the wood used to make furniture must be environmentally friendly, and the furniture paint used for protective coating must also be environmentally friendly. After the traditional furniture paint is sprayed and cured, about 60% of the harmful substances slowly volatilize during the use of consumers, seriously polluting the living environment of consumers. Huilong paint, as a professional furniture paint enterprise, When talking about the protective effect of furniture paint on furniture, Chen Huiting said, "the environmental protection of furniture paint is also an important part of furniture environmental protection. As early as the signing of the Declaration on environmental protection of furniture paint." Previously, I discussed the environmental protection of furniture paint with some entrepreneurs in the industry. At present, many enterprises are still using raw materials with harmful substances to produce furniture paint products in the gray area supervised by the government, which not only causes great harm to the builders, but also has great physical harm to consumers. "

to better realize the environmental protection of furniture paint, the best is water-based furniture paint at present. The water-based furniture paint uses water as the solvent, and the improvement of the coating technical requirements has changed the original manual coating operation mode into mechanical operation. Moreover, after the sprayed furniture is sent to the drying room, there is only a few percent of the micro volatilization rate in the curing process, which not only greatly improves the coating efficiency, but also avoids the health damage to the coating builders and consumers. "Huilong paint began to promote water-based furniture paint in 2007, and has been committed to product research and development and process improvement of water-based furniture paint in recent years. However, the long and difficult promotion road of water-based furniture paint still puts many enterprises under the heavy pressure of high costs." Chen Huiting spoke out about the difficulty of promoting water-based furniture paint

"Da Vinci furniture" solution: put an end to the "Da Vinci furniture"

"Da Vinci furniture" counterfeiting events have caused a sensation in the furniture market of various provinces and cities, followed by the vigorous investigation and punishment of the illegal competition industry in the furniture market by the regulatory authorities. Why did Da Vinci furniture double its value after being labeled with foreign brands, but this improper market behavior was not strictly supervised, allowing illegal businesses to take advantage of it. Chen Huiting, chairman of Huilong paint, believes that the prevalence of counterfeiting of "Da Vinci furniture" requires the joint efforts of consumers, the government and furniture enterprises to "eliminate" this phenomenon

first of all, Da Vinci furniture captures the psychology of consumers worshiping foreign countries. Consumers should consume rationally and do not blindly pursue foreign brands. Mature consumers should have a mature consumption mentality, buy products reasonably and put an end to counterfeit products. Secondly, in Da Vinci's furniture "export before import", the supervision of multiple functional departments is involved, and the default and vacancy undoubtedly give the green light for the fraud of "Da Vinci". Relevant government supervision departments should strengthen supervision and use administrative means to prevent the occurrence of fraud. Finally, the self-discipline of furniture enterprises is also an important part. Enterprises should have a clear social and strong sense of society, strengthen independent brand innovation, increase scientific and technological investment, establish brand confidence, and establish a national brand that consumers can trust

"Da Vinci furniture" Enlightenment: be a credible coating enterprise with a society

although the "Da Vinci furniture" sky high price foreign brand once had unlimited scenery, the exposure of fraud will undoubtedly bring Da Vinci furniture devastating results. The market of Da Vinci furniture, which has worked hard for many years, is now falling apart, which has to give all enterprises a wake-up call. In any industry, if an enterprise wants to achieve the eternal foundation, it depends on the reputation established bit by bit. These credibility can not be established by advertising alone, but by corporate conscience, social and other corporate images. Chen Huiting, chairman of Huilong paint, said in an interview, "the lack of enterprise society and the businessmen's pursuit of huge profits are the reasons for the embarrassing situation of Da Vinci furniture today."

on June 29, at diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing, Huicong paint, together with zhanchen, garberry, bards, RT mart, Clivia and Huilong paint, a leading enterprise in the furniture paint industry, signed the "furniture paint environmental protection declaration", advocating green environmental protection, orderly competition in the industry and practicing the enterprise society, which to a certain extent created a good environment for promoting the standardized business rules of the furniture paint industry. Huilong paint, as a leading furniture paint manufacturer in China, paid more attention to improving the requirements of the enterprise itself and the practice of the enterprise society after signing the Declaration on Beijing deformation measurement range of furniture paint: extending the range of 2% ⑴ 00% of the full scale. How to better practice the enterprise society, Chen Huiting, chairman of Huilong paint, talked about his approach to the company: "First of all, we have improved the internal management quality of the enterprise, cared for and cared for employees. As a businessman, the first thing we think of should be the mission and of employees, strengthened the labor protection of employees in the production process, and we can't make money because of making money. Second, we introduce advanced technology and equipment, relocate new factories according to the national environmental requirements, and never use raw materials prohibited by the state to produce products, which has a negative impact on emissions Hazardous substances shall be treated uniformly. " Running an enterprise is like being a man. If you don't even have the most basic moral bottom line and cheat consumers, this kind of enterprise is a cancer of society and an enterprise that creates disasters for society. Only by truly being a negative enterprise can you get the permanent trust and support of consumers

at the press conference, general manager of Da Vinci furniture pan zhuangxiuhua burst into tears after Purell kt mr07 (polybutylene ⑴) and Purell rp320m (polypropylene) materials produced by LyondellBasell company: Purell kt mr07 has excellent compatibility with polypropylene. Then, you made fun of Da Vinci's female boss pan zhuangxiuhua's tears - the crying of Mona Lisa, and ridiculed that Da Vinci's "password" was finally broken, When making money, it is "Mona Lisa's smile", and when it is exposed, it becomes "Mona Lisa's tears". Up to now, Da Vinci furniture claims that furniture without quality problems will not be returned, which has to put deceived consumers on the path of legal rights protection. No matter whether Da Vinci can give consumers a perfect answer in the end, Da Vinci furniture has been abandoned by consumers at this time, and the consequences of the bad market behavior of counterfeiting can only lead to "extinction" in the end

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