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On October 15, Qier machine tool signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Zhongmei machine tool company in Qiqihar city. Zhongmei machine tool company officially became the exclusive general distributor of Qier machine tool in the United States. Before the end of this year, Zhongmei machine tool company provided the first batch of product orders worth $2million to Qier machine tool. It can be summarized into four parts:

in recent years, Qier machine tools have been famous in domestic and foreign markets, especially heavy-duty CNC milling and boring machines, which have been exported to South Korea, India, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and other Eurasian markets, accounting for more than 85% of the domestic market share. In order to build the enterprise into a leading Chinese heavy machine tool enterprise and a world-famous machine tool manufacturer with international competitiveness as soon as possible, Qier machine tool has vigorously implemented the brand strategy and internationalization strategy in the past two years and focused on developing overseas markets. This year alone, it has successively paid attention to the lower and upper feeding shafts not to be stained with oil with Demas Italy Co., Ltd. China national technology import and Export Corporation on product export, mainly applicable to rubber A series of agreements have been reached on the overseas market development of plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

Qi Er machine tool selected Zhongmei machine tool company this time based on its extensive sales channels and good reputation in the United States, as well as its unique geographical location. Sino American machine tool company, founded in 2006, is a subsidiary of Carney machinery company of the United States. Carney machinery company was founded in 1946. It mainly provides new and old equipment for experimental machines in the metal processing industry. At present, Carney machinery company mainly imports new CNC and ordinary machine tool equipment from China through Sino American machine tool company, including various vertical lathes, vertical machining centers and turn milling machining centers. Sino American machine tool company is located in Wellington, Delaware, with unique geographical advantages. The company is close to the main highways in the United States, the east coast port of the United States and Philadelphia International Airport; With a total area of about 7000 square meters, the company has a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 80 tons and a plant of up to 16 meters, which can accommodate any large machinery

in order to further open the U.S. market and achieve its development goals, the two sides finally signed an exclusive distribution agreement on October 15 after two days of intense negotiation. At the same time, Sino American machine tools and Qier machine tools will sign the first batch of product orders worth US $2million before the end of 2008

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