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Qifeng shares changed its name from September 13 to include the power switch "Qifeng new material"

Qifeng shares announced on the evening of September 12 that after the application of the company and the approval of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company's securities abbreviation was changed from Qifeng shares to Qifeng new material from September 13, and the securities code remained unchanged

according to the data, with the approval of the company's second extraordinary general meeting in 2013, it was decided to change the Chinese name of the company from Shandong Qifeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. to Qifeng New Material Co., Ltd. and the English name from Shanghai Qifeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. The business scope is changed from papermaking and paper products processing and sales, plate sales, import and export of goods (except for items prohibited by laws and administrative regulations, and items restricted by laws and administrative regulations shall be operated after obtaining permission) to R & D, production and sales: furniture and plate color finishing materials, decorative plate color finishing materials, surface wear-resistant finishing materials of laminate floors, new non-woven wall materials High performance aramid fiber and products (production is limited to subsidiaries) can achieve automatic sampling and automatic feeding

the company has gone through the change registration in Shandong Administration for Industry and Commerce on September 3, 2013, and obtained the new "business license of enterprise legal person business indication error is inevitable", and the registration number, registered capital and other registration items remain unchanged

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