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Qiku joins hands with cloud news, is the era of free calls coming

the recent new product launch market is full of flames. Zhou Hongyi released the new product of 360 - qiku, telling you about the 238 day journey of an Internet Product Manager, and showing the enthusiasm of an Internet veteran for his career. This morning, all the headlines of the technology version are about the fierce dispute between 360 and Coolpad LETV. For the fierce competition in the domestic thousand yuan machine market, in Lao Zhou's own words, it is not a sea of red, but a sea of blood. How to survive in the sea of blood, in addition to the price, users also need more export growth

qiku Youth Edition, which stood out in the sea of blood in the domestic market, made its debut one week ago. 4. The steel bar surface at the contact with the electrode handed over the report card of the first round of sales of 160000 units, which excited the domestic market. This modern appearance, powerful performance and diversified functions have won the attention and favor of a large number of young people and people in the Internet industry as soon as they are listed. Lao Zhou is determined to build qiku into the safest in the world and said that he will build its ecosystem around security. And is security the only highlight of qiku? Maybe not. For consumers who choose domestic products, the free function is another highlight, which closely attracts people's attention

at the end of 2014, there was a boom in free. At that time, the white paper data of touch treasure showed that under the condition of crazy increase in the number of users, the average weekly growth rate of users using free was as high as 36.74%, indicating users' recognition of the free model. Secondly, free application scenarios are gradually increasing, resulting in a surge in the number of users, usage frequency and call duration. At present, the cumulative number of free users has reached 500million, and its huge market capacity has attracted the attention of manufacturers. This time, qiku joined the free function, which is a positive attempt of manufacturers

Shenzhen yunzhixun, a service provider with qiku's free call function, encourages the use of domestic instruments according to actual needs. It is an operator of integrated communication open platform, which can provide stable and reliable internet communication services for manufacturers, and provides strong communication technology background support for qiku

currently free in the market, users need to install specific app applications to make calls. There are still deficiencies in user experience and user education. The free call realized by qiku and yunzhixun perfectly solves these problems. Through the free call interface embedded in qiku system, the free call is consistent with the original call experience spring change experimental machine. Yunzhixun's free call access does not need to consume traffic. The voice quality is the same as the original call, and there will be no intermittent and unstable voice when the user is fast moving, which meets the user's demand for free calls anytime and anywhere. Nearly 90% of the friends were waiting to use convenient Internet services during the survey period. The integration of free and Internet undoubtedly points out a new direction for the new domestic market

in 2008, 360 free anti-virus was launched for the first time, creating a precedent for free use of anti-virus software in China; Seven years later, the application of 360 qiku free call has opened up a new field for Internet. It is obvious to all that qiku Youth Edition has many highlights, including double cards and micro businesses, the beauty of metal, smart keys for fingerprints, and anti addiction. As the carrier of mobile communication, its core function is still voice call. No matter how cool social software is, it can't match the temperature of talking to family and friends in person, which is also the core of qiku's ability to stand out in this domestic competition

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