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Qifeng chemical fiber carbon fiber raw silk factory put into operation

the total investment of Qifeng chemical fiber is 550 million yuan (the same below). The largest in China and located in Jilin Province, the screw holes in various places are poured and fixed with high-strength cement mortar. Four polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber raw silk production lines with a total annual output of 5000 tons are officially put into operation: one is a stable annual output of 500 tons of T300 grade 1K and 3K carbon fiber raw silk; Three production lines with an annual output of 1,5 "each, but some critics believe that the 100 ton T300 grade 12K carbon fiber precursor production line was put into operation in Jilin last Friday

chairman Wang Jinjun said that the investment included more than 200million yuan of cash from the group, more than 100million yuan of equipment and technology and 200million yuan of bank loans. If there is a funding gap in the future, there will still be internal funds and bank financing

Qifeng chemical fiber is a polyacrylonitrile based fiber manufacturer, whose main business is to produce the working principle diagram of nitrile pulsation fatigue testing machine, nylon fiber, with an annual capacity of 140000 tons and a combined annual capacity of 240000 tons; The annual capacity of carbon fiber precursor is 5000 tons. The main products include acrylic staple fiber, acrylic tow, acrylic top, carbon fiber precursor four series of more than 170 categories of products; More than 40 new products have been exported to the international market

after stabilizing the mainland raw silk market, Rio Tinto's international market currently includes Iran, Russia and South Korea. In the future, it will continue to develop carbonization manufacturers of purchased raw silk in Greece. With the further expansion of the market demand for raw silk in the mainland, the group plans to add another 15000 tons on the basis of 5000 tons of raw silk. It is estimated that by 2015, the annual production capacity will reach 20000 tons

Wang Jinjun said that acrylonitrile is a by-product of crude oil, so the price is relatively volatile, but after the integration of the mainland market in previous years, the group has more room to pass on costs to customers. Together with Shanghai Petrochemical (338), the group accounts for more than half of the acrylic fiber supply market in China and has pricing power

with the continuous development of China's economy and textile industry, and the gradual construction and expansion of downstream carbonization plants in the mainland, the market demand for raw silk will further expand, and the price is also relatively optimistic

Wang Jinjun said that the company plans to expand production by 10000 tons in 2013, and is also committed to improving product quality, from T300 to T800; In addition, the carbon fiber project received a total subsidy of 15million yuan from the Ministry of finance last year, and will receive a subsidy of 10million yuan this year

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