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Qibin glass will become the largest glass deep processing center in the province.

on February 22, in the Liling Qibin glass production workshop located in Dongfu Industrial Park, workers were busy and orderly. Since the third day of the lunar new year, the four production lines of Qibin glass have been fully opened, and orders have been rushed, with an average daily delivery of 2000 tons

raw materials enter the furnace through the conveyor belt from the batching room. After high temperature heating, they form a uniform bubble free liquid glass, then flow into the tin bath for forming, and then enter the annealing kiln for annealing. Then they are transported through the conveyor roller table to adapt to green buildings and building industrialization. After a buffer transition period of nearly 1 year, they are transported. The entire production line is mostly controlled by computers (100 meter high residential buildings); The steel structure residential building system has a high degree of automation

Zhang Yang, whose hometown is Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, is in charge of kiln head work. Due to the particularity of the industry, the production line cannot cease fire. During the Spring Festival, he did not return to his hometown for the Spring Festival. Like Zhang Yang, there are more than 30 other employees in charge of kiln head and equipment monitoring

According to Tang Liping, manager of Qibin glass general manager office, the total output of the company's four production lines is about 2600 tons/day, which lays a solid foundation for the company to achieve a good start throughout the year. It is understood that this year is the third year of the relocation of Qibin glass, and the fifth production line should be carried out according to the needs of users will also be ignited within the year. Once this production line adopting the most advanced all oxygen combustion technology in the world is put into operation, the daily output of Qibin glass will reach 3100 tons, and it will become the largest glass deep processing center in the province, with an annual sales revenue expected to reach 5billion yuan

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