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Qiaocheng district has been recognized as a national full mechanization demonstration area. Recently, the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the list of the third batch of demonstration counties (districts) in the country that took the lead in basically realizing the full mechanization of major crop production. The key to losing body heat in Bozhou is to build a growth efficiency mechanism

in 2018, Qiaocheng District aims to create a national agricultural mechanization demonstration area, increase policy support for the development of agricultural mechanization, seriously implement the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, optimize the structure of agricultural equipment, expand the development strength of agricultural mechanization, and improve the level of modern agricultural machinery equipment. Vigorously promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, widely promote new agricultural mechanization machines and tools and technologies such as UAV plant protection, deep tillage and subsoiling, and conservation tillage, and speed up the whole process of mechanization of grain production. Cultivate and expand new agricultural machinery service organizations, implement the trusteeship policy of full coverage and no dead corner agricultural machinery operations, and promote the appropriate scale operation of agriculture

at present, the region has 6912 tractors with more than 50 horsepower, 5664 wheat harvesters and 180 straw balers; There are 4800 straw crushing and returning machines, 4415 small tractors, 4722 corn planters, 2652 corn harvesters, 5562 soybean planters, and 10987 agricultural robots, basically realizing the whole process mechanization of major crop production. In 2018, the district implemented the full coverage and no dead corner agricultural machinery operation trusteeship policy, signed a total of 1451000 mu of agricultural machinery operation trusteeship contracts, signed 232500 trusteeship agreements, and the contract signing rate was 100%, Participating in the trusteeship of agricultural machinery professional cooperative 192 is suitable for advanced performance utilization. "Our ipul system is exactly what the period needs. It has comprehensively improved the level of agricultural machinery equipment, operation, science and technology, service and safety in this area. (Yue Fangjian)

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